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Why your agency needs an employee scheduling app

May 9, 2018


InTime is one of the few public safety scheduling system to offer a complete employee phone app. For organizations already using InTime for their scheduling and timekeeping, employees can use the InTime Phone App to check their schedules, make requests and receive notifications. And now it’s available on both Android and iOS! If you are currently looking for scheduling software, read our article “5 Reasons Your Scheduling Software Should Have a Mobile App.”

Why does your scheduling system need an employee phone app?

Your employees prefer to communicate on their mobile devices. The average American adult spends almost 3 hours on their smartphone every day according to a 2017 study by comScore. Your employees have their phones on them all the time, so it only makes sense that they receive scheduling updates directly to their mobile devices.

Better Two-Way Communication

Scheduling is a two-way street; supervisors need to be able to quickly relay shift changes and post out overtime and employees need to be able to respond to overtime and request leave. With instant push notifications and live updates, employees receive this information and can take action faster than ever before.

Employees can view their timebanks and request leave from the app.

Instant Notifications

Any schedule changes, request approvals or sign-up approvals trigger an automatic push notification to the employee. Your staff are guaranteed to always be up to date.

Employees receive push notifications from the app, so they are guaranteed to know if there were any changes to the schedule.

One example of how this can affect your agency’s bottom line is notifications of court cancellations. Often officers who are called as witnesses show up to court even when it has been cancelled because of untimely notifications, costing agencies millions in overtime every year. Learn about how the mobile scheduling app helped Orange County Integrated Law & Justice to save 46% in court related overtime costs by clicking here.

Get Shifts Filled Faster

Agencies using paper scheduling systems are quite familiar with those messy sign-up sheets posted around the office. Employees have to be at the station to sign up for shifts and if you can’t fill all your overtime, supervisors have to spend hours calling back and forth with staff.

Employees can view and filter available overtime postings and request to sign up from their phone.

Scheduling systems make this whole process quite a lot easier. Supervisors can really tailor down who they are reaching out to and employees can request to sign up for a shift from their phones. This makes the process more equitable, since employees all have an equal and fair chance to sign up. They don’t miss out on overtime just because they were on their day off!

Employee Punch In & Out from your Phone

If your organization requires you to punch in and out on the job, then you are probably familiar with the expensive clock in and out devices installed at the office or local court house. The InTime phone app mitigates the need for having these devices by having a punch system built right into the employee’s phone.

Employees can punch in and out from their phone only if they are in the specified location.

Schedulers simply set up the location in which the employee is required to punch in from and when the employee punches in from that specified location it will be logged in the InTime scheduling and timekeeping system. This is referred to as geo-punching.

What’s coming in the future?

Timesheets and Electronic Overtime Slips

Coming just around the corner is the ability for employees to review and approve their timesheets from the InTime App. Employees will also be able to submit multiple overtime slips at the same time for approval.

A new feature we are working on is the ability for employees to make edits to existing assignments for approval. For example, an employee who started at 08:00 instead of 10:00 can simply edit the existing assignment start time for supervisor approval.

Supervisor Access

The next project our developers are working on is giving supervisors the ability to approve leaves, sign-ups and timesheets from their mobile devices. It will also allow for simple schedule changes and post overtime on the fly!

Empower your employees and become more efficient

If your agency isn’t currently using a scheduling system, look for a solution that offers an employee phone app. Not only will you improve communication, but overall operational efficiency. Don’t know what to look for in a scheduling system? Fill out your information below and download our Scheduling Software Evaluation Checklist:

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