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A New Perspective on Firefighter Risk Reduction

Executive Fire Officer  Q: What are the two most significant risks to firefighters today? A: The risk of suffering a sudden cardiac event (SCE) in the short term and the risk of developing cancer in the long term.The Short-Term Risk Let’s take a quick look at...

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Resilience in Policing: A Biological Explanation

Retired York Regional Police Officer, Mental Health Practitioner & Founder/Director of The Haven   When we think of resilience in police officers, our minds naturally go to concepts such as mindfulness, one’s ability to reappraise a traumatic experience into...

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An Argument for the 5/8 Schedule in Policing

  The shift schedule that law enforcement agencies choose impacts not only the performance and well-being of police officers but also the agency. With a variety of shift schedules to choose from, it may be helpful to examine a case study of how one agency...

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Benefits of a K9 Program for Police Departments

  Is your department considering a K9 program? Other than the benefit of having furry friends to keep your officers company, there are many professional advantages to launching a K9 program. Hollywood depicts K9s as vicious beasts usually used for attacking...

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Robot Dogs: A New Addition to Police Departments?

It is no surprise that technology has transformed law enforcement. From drones to gunshot detection systems to comprehensive scheduling software, they help police be as effective as possible. And now, robot police dogs may be the next addition to that growing list....

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Cancer: The Hidden Threat for Firefighters

Firefighters are regularly exposed to dangerous environments. On top of the obvious threat of getting burned by flames, other health risks cause harm unknowingly in the long-term. From a study conducted by The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health...

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