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Should Your Agency Have a Volunteer Program?

  The use of volunteers is predominant everywhere. From libraries to pet shelters to hospitals, volunteers are needed for businesses to run effectively. Why should police departments be any different? Police departments in North America have been gradually facing...

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The 4 Rules of Effective Crowd Policing

  When it comes to policing large events such as protests, avoiding violent outbreaks is a top priority. So what factors contribute to the likelihood of violence ensuing at a protest? Is it the size of the protest? The nature of the gathering? The police-protest...

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3 Ways InTime Can Help With Emergency Planning

There are many heroes that arise in the wake of a natural disaster, from the citizens that rise to help their neighbors to the public safety heroes that risk their lives and spend relentless hours supporting emergency response and rescue operations. There are also...

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A New Perspective on Firefighter Risk Reduction

Executive Fire Officer  Q: What are the two most significant risks to firefighters today? A: The risk of suffering a sudden cardiac event (SCE) in the short term and the risk of developing cancer in the long term.The Short-Term Risk Let’s take a quick look at...

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Resilience in Policing: A Biological Explanation

Retired York Regional Police Officer, Mental Health Practitioner & Founder/Director of The Haven   When we think of resilience in police officers, our minds naturally go to concepts such as mindfulness, one’s ability to reappraise a traumatic experience into...

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An Argument for the 5/8 Schedule in Policing

  The shift schedule that law enforcement agencies choose impacts not only the performance and well-being of police officers but also the agency. With a variety of shift schedules to choose from, it may be helpful to examine a case study of how one agency...

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