Helping Agencies Through COVID-19

InTime Can Help


With COVID-19 being a significant concern for almost every public safety agency, departments are fighting new battles to keep regular operations afloat. InTime has received feedback in the last few days on how our product is helping agencies face specific COVID-19 dilemmas.

Public Safety Operations & Deployment


  • Have innovative deployment models that take into account your reduced employee force.
  • Use InTime to have a worst-case scenario deployment model on stand by to use if necessary. For example, if you need to go to limited responses to non-life threatening calls for service and start utilizing other city department personnel for non-police activities.

Employee Wellness & Risk Management


  • Track your supply of protective clothing, so you can ensure every officer is going out there safely.
  • You can track sterilization tasks for equipment and vehicles.
  • Identify employees that are at high-risk or are particularly vulnerable to the virus, to ensure you keep them safe. 

Financial Impact & Reimbursement Tracking


  • With InTime, you can track overtime, leave, and furloughs as COVID-19 shifts, to analyze the true costs.

We are offering our proven, purpose-built scheduling software available for free – no strings attached – to any public safety agency that needs it over the next 90 days. We will provide access to the software and help you get started at no expense to you. This is a time to pull together and help the communities we serve, and this is a time for InTime to give back.

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