The world's largest supplier of phosphate and potash

Mosaic is the world’s largest supplier of phosphate and potash. Previously using excel to manage their scheduling, they soon realized that they needed a more robust tool to handle the complex nature of their operations. Mosaic implemented InTime at their potash production facility in Belle Plaine, Saskatchewan to manage over 200 employees. The result has been a drastic increase in efficiency and improved communication with employees.



Mosaic previously required their scheduler to spend 95% of her day managing shift changes, requests and building schedules on excel for their over 200 employees. None of the processes were automated and required tedious manual labor.


Mosaic had no efficient way of broadcasting schedules, notifying staff to shift changes or posting available shifts. Staff had to access the website to view schedule details and were notified to shift changes via phone call. Furthermore, there was no equitable way to post out available shifts to employees. Not everyone would be notified and it was not possible to broadcast an available shift to everyone at the same time.



Reduction in Time Spent Scheduling

Prior to InTime, Mosaic’s site manpower scheduler spent 95% of her day managing shift changes, requests and building schedules. After implementing InTime at their Belle Plaine facility, these tasks only required 25% of her day; freeing her to perform other duties such as training activities and project oversight.


Reduction in Time Spent Making Schedule Adjustments

Prior to InTime, schedule changes were burdensome and could often offset the entire schedule.  With InTime, Mosaic can change shift patterns and rotations in a matter of seconds, no matter how far into the future!


With over 200 of Mosiac’s employee’s using InTime’s web-based Employee Self-Service portal, workers can check their personal schedules, work locations and any special shift instructions on-the-go. Scheduling notifications are sent through SMS text and email; communicating in a way that Mosaic’s workers prefer to receive information. They can easily request leaves, check request status and view personal assets/equipment inventory. Employee’s now all have an equal opportunity to apply for available shifts.

InTime has been a lifesaver for me. There are a lot fewer mistakes in schedules, it enables your employees to see what you are doing, and changes I make are instantaneous. It has made manpower management far more efficient. To anyone thinking of using InTime, stop thinking and just do it!

Kari Nelson

Site Manpower Scheduler, The Mosaic Company


InTime has given Mosaic’s site scheduler the ability to manage staffing requirements efficiently. Set minimum staffing requirements, easily view which shifts are over or under staffed and receive alerts for staffing issues using InTime.


Not only does InTime handle Mosaic’s complex organizational requirements, but it manages the complexities of their employees. Mosaic’s employees all have different sets of skills, training and/or certifications. InTime allows Mosaic to track and set compliance rules down to a specific shift.