Building Resilience in Law Enforcement Officers [Webinar]

Healthy Minds in Healthy Bodies

Join us for a free webinar with guest speaker Jeff Shannon, retired police officer and a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist.

About The Topic

Law enforcement is one of the most stressful occupations in the world. The research is clear that, while we start off our careers healthier than others, over time law enforcement officers are at significant risk for acquiring a veritable alphabet soup of psychological disorders and physical diseases. This webinar will introduce evidence-based strategies for moving beyond merely surviving a law enforcement career, but thriving through it.

About Our Presenter

Jeff Shannon

Jeff Shannon, LMFT & Retired Police Officer

Jeff Shannon, LMFT is a retired police officer and a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in California. He is the co-owner of Blue Resilience, a law enforcement training and consulting company. He is a nationally recognized subject matter expert on police stress, making him the perfect person to speak on police resiliency . Jeff is a contributing columnist at Calibre Press, writing about the cross-section of psychology and law enforcement. You can find his articles here.

DATE: Tuesday, Nov 13th

TIME: 10:30 AM PT / 12:30 PM CT


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