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Metro Vancouver Transit Police Decreases Scheduling Time & Improves Overtime Management with InTime Solutions
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Vancouver, Canada: In the fall of 2016, Metro Vancouver Transit Police found itself looking for a new scheduling & workforce management software. The company that provided and supported their old software disbanded, leaving the Metro Vancouver Transit Police without a usable scheduling solution. Metro Vancouver Transit Police took this as an opportunity to look for a cloud-based software that could handle other requirements including overtime management, training certifications, and subpoena notifications. After a web search, Metro Vancouver Transit Police found InTime Solutions.  “We used to use a different program which was expiring soon and we used an excel spreadsheet, which was horrible. Shifting people from one shift to another, changing time, days off, it was a horrible experience and time consuming.” said Operations Support Sergeant Dexter Hubert.

In January 2017, Metro Vancouver Transit Police began the hands-on implementation process of InTime. “We were involved in the implementation process from the ground up, so we had a system that was fully configured for Metro Vancouver Transit Police” says Inspector CJ Kyle, “In the past we used canned software products that did not work for us because they were not configurable”

Sergeant Hermann commented “What we have is a custom system that is custom built for us by us. With the guidance of our implementation specialist we were able to make InTime work perfectly and the way we wanted it. Ultimately it helps us make better decisions. The interesting thing with InTime is it has an infinite way of applying the framework to our circumstances, so when our circumstances change we can adapt. The InTime framework seems to be so flexible that we can just about resolve any problem that arises.”

Since being implemented for over a year now, Metro Vancouver Transit Police have seen immense benefits from the InTime scheduling platform- “We used to spend 2 hours a day building and managing schedules and now it’s just under 5 minutes a day.” Commented Sergeant Hermann. With regards to event and overtime management, Metro Vancouver Transit Police now have a clear overall picture of where staffing is required and where they are short while ensuring fatigue rules are being met.

Metro Vancouver Transit Police join the ranks of the Victoria Police Department, New Westminster Police Department, and the Port Moody Police Department of BC agencies using InTime’s software. Inspector Kyle has high hopes for the future of technology in law enforcement, “The digital world is something policing really needs to embrace and my goal is to take us to digital criminal justice system and InTime is going to be apart of that.”

Read a full case study on Metro Vancouver Transit Police use of InTime software here. 

About InTime: InTime Solutions creates scheduling and timekeeping software for complex operations. Founded in 1996 with Officer Scheduling and Speedshift, InTime now offers InTime on the cloud to help reduce internal hosting costs. With a heavy focus on the law enforcement industry, InTime’s product is made by police for police and places an importance on customer feedback. If you’re interested in creating a more efficient and streamlined schedule, contact InTime at or visit

About Metro Vancouver Transit Police: The Metro Vancouver Transit Police, previously named the Greater Vancouver Transportation Authority Police Service, is the police force in charge of the public transit system in Vancouver, British Columbia. Formed in December 2005, the total force has “183 sworn officers” and is the only police force in Canada solely dedicated to a transit system. However, if needed, the Transit Police will step in with non-transit related police matters. The Metro Vancouver Transit Police states their four priorities as: reducing sexual offences, reducing frontline workplace assaults, helping vulnerable people in crisis and building system resiliency. For more information about the Metro Vancouver Transit Police, visit

InTime Solutions creates scheduling and timekeeping software for complex operations. If you’re interested in creating a more efficient and streamlined schedule, contact InTime at