Springfield-Greene County Dispatch 9-1-1 Press Release

Springfield-Greene County Dispatch 9-1-1 Receives a Custom Solution within InTime’s Scheduling Software
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Vancouver, Canada: In 2015, the Springfield-Greene County 9-1-1 Emergency Communications decided they needed to make a change to their scheduling system. They were using excel sheets and printing out schedules, a process that Supervisor Jennifer Meloy said would account for “30-35% of her day.” This was a huge administrative burden and often resulted in double bookings and inadequate staffing levels.

Being a multi-discipline dispatch center, the scheduling needs are unique and complex. Within a shift, employees need to be able to switch consoles multiple times to combat stress and burn out. These console changes need to occur regularly ensuring the employees who switch to a new desk have the adequate training for that position, the switch happens frequently enough, and that staffing numbers remain at the correct levels.

In researching options for a scheduling system, InTime was identified by Rick Crismas, Operations Manager, as an ideal fit that would be able to solve Springfield-Greene County’s complex requirements. However, after a little bit of time with the system, Springfield-Greene County was not finding the partnership compatible for all their specific needs. They left InTime and went back to a pencil and paper system. InTime took this as a personal challenge and began developing the solution to Springfield-Greene County’s needs.

Ultimately, they came back to InTime to test out the new “autofill” feature – something that other competitors on the market were not able to offer. This feature allowed console positions to be autofilled with training-qualified employees and time slots. This reduced conflict between supervisors and employees as there was no bias in making decisions of who gets what position, or what shift, and for how long. Springfield-Greene County has chosen to stay with InTime, and feels that InTime has delivered on the promises made to fix their specific problems. Account Executive, Mitch Seminow, said “when it came to Springfield-Greene County, we took on the challenge of losing a customer because our system wasn’t making all aspects of their scheduling easier. We saw an area we could improve in, were determined to fix it, and we did.”

Now, with InTime, Supervisor Meloy spends “about 15 minutes per day” on scheduling, or less than 10% of her day. Employees find InTime to be a huge improvement as well – their schedules, via MyTime, is always available on their desktop and they can download the app to see their schedule any time. The supervisors love the software as it catches errors – for example, if there is less than 8 hours between shifts for an employee. Operations Manager, Crismas, said the first time he used the autofill feature it “blew my mind.”

Read a full case study on Springfield-Greene County 9-1-1 use of InTime software here. 

About InTime: InTime Solutions is a scheduling and timekeeping software for complex operations. Founded in 1996 with Officer Scheduling and Speedshift, InTime now offers InTime on the cloud to help reduce internal hosting costs. With a heavy focus on the law enforcement industry, InTime’s product is made by police for police and places an importance on customer feedback. If you’re interested in creating a more efficient and streamlined schedule, contact InTime at sales@intimesoft.com or visit intime.com


About Springfield-Greene County 9-1-1 Emergency Communications Center: The Springfield-Greene County Emergency Communications Center is a part of the City of Springfield. With currently over 80 staff, the center operates 24/7 for 365 days of the year and handles nearly 501,700 phone interactions per year. The center covers dispatch communications for multiple organizations: the Springfield Missouri Police Department, the Greene County Sheriff’s Office, 7 surrounding municipal police departments and 13 local fire departments. If you are interested in finding out more about the Springfield-Greene County 9-1-1 Emergency Communications Center, you can visit https://www.springfieldmo.gov/268/911-Emergency-Communications.

InTime Solutions is a scheduling and timekeeping software for complex operations. If you’re interested in creating a more efficient and streamlined schedule, contact InTime at sales@intimesoft.com.