Still tracking personnel equipment

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Now track it in InTime.



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Now track your personnel equipment in InTime.


Without the proper reporting process in place it can be hard to know where your equipment is, who it has been assigned to and if you have anything missing.

InTime’s Asset Module makes this process painless with electronic equipment tracking.


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Equipment Assignments

Your scheduling and asset tracking in one place.

Eliminate assignment errors and missing equipment. Assign assets such as vehicles, radios, laptops, firearms, or Tasers to employees and ensure they have the proper training to use it.

Finally, you can throw away the dusty binder and clunky spreadsheets.

After 30-days, how much is this module? 

AssetModule price

Have all of the benefits of an integrated asset tracking in your InTime system, for as low as $12 per employee per year.

For many agencies, these benefits can be realized for a no-brainer price between $500-$2500 a year.

*Fees applied to all active employees in your InTime application.

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With InTime’s Asset Module you can:


  1. Create daily rosters with equipment assignments
  2. Manage and track all aspects of your equipment. Assign equipment to employees on a temporary or permanent basis and track history of all your assets.
  3. Ensure your employees have the proper training to operate equipment.
  4. Generate equipment reports in seconds.


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