Is event scheduling getting in the way of staff morale?

Reduce officer turnover, boost morale and increase your team’s productivity with InTime’s Campus Police Scheduling & Workforce Management software.

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It’s not their job to be event scheduling heros.


Let’s face it. Campus event scheduling is not fun. It’s messy, over complicated and time consuming, resulting in frustrated, overworked officers.

With InTime’s Scheduling & Workforce Management software you can eliminate your agency’s scheduling headache and get back to what matters most—policing.

Manage Extra Duty Coverage

Why InTime works for campus police departments:


  • Save countless hours scheduling events 

  • Ensure fairness with automated OT allocation intelligence 

  • Make OT shifts accessible through the InTime app

  • Get OT visibility with bird’s eye dashboard

Trusted by hundreds of agencies including:

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University of Kentucky Police Department

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San Diego State University Police Department

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Northeastern University Police Department

See how we helped UKPD get back on track.


Reduced Officer Fatigue | Boosted Employee Morale | Decreased Team Turnover

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