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Manual Workforce Management is Costing You Too Much

Scheduling—and keeping track of sick coverage, meeting union guidelines, and assigning overtime fairly—is a core component of running a smooth operation. Managed manually, it’s a full-time job.

Have you calculated how much time and resources you’re sinking into this process? The truth is, public safety agencies are being forced to do more with less than they’ve ever had before. You can’t afford human error, and you need every process to be faster, and more efficient.

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Put Your Agency Back On Track

Workforce management means more than just better scheduling

Efficiency in your core processes has far reaching effects across your agency. When InTime handles your scheduling (and re-scheduling), you can free up resources currently dedicated to it and allocate them where they’re most needed.

But that’s not all—InTime gives you the visibility needed to:

  • Avoid overspending on overtime
  • Reduce risk associated with officer fatigue and training level compliance
  • Manage special event staffing
  • Establish better equality in overtime distribution
  • Ensure accurate timekeeping

Overtime Management: How Does Your Agency Stack Up to Benchmarks?

In this industry report, we uncover insights into agencies facings budgetary challenges, officer fatigue, and agency inefficiency due to uncontrollable overtime spend.

“What are the latest overtime trends and issues affecting public safety agencies today? How are other agencies managing common challenges?”

InTime Helps Agencies Like Yours Every Day

“Before, I had 3 or 4 different sheets that I had to update to keep everything accurate. Now, everything is in one place and it’s easy to transfer officers from one shift to another. It’s beyond belief how much time and money is saved.”

Matthew Bombrys
Lieutenant, Toledo Police Department

“InTime has helped reduce my department’s overtime by 30%. So much so, that my staff are complaining that there aren’t enough overtime postings”

Sam Fleming
Captain, Azusa Police Department


“We used to call officers on the phone when we would have overtime to get filled and it was a laborious process. Now we can post it, they get a phone notification, they’ll sign up for the shift, and we’re done in 5 minutes.”

Brian Amoroso
Captain, San Luis Obispo Police Department

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