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Do you ever wonder if other public safety agencies are facing the same overtime management and budgetary challenges as you? This is your opportunity to find out.

InTime® is publishing a Public Safety Overtime Management Report that is based on input from hundreds of agencies across North America. And you can get it for free! This report will help agencies benchmark their experience against other public safety agencies. 

Why InTime Is Conducting A Public Safety Overtime Management Research Study

Many public safety agencies have significant challenges with complex staff scheduling, overtime management, and the related risks and expenditures. InTime® has 25 years experience in helping agencies address these challenges and, in doing so, has often heard that agencies want to compare their experience and performance to similar agencies.

To address this need, InTime is conducting a national survey via a 3-minute anonymous online survey focused on public safety agency overtime management, budgetary challenges, and related issues.

InTime will compile and incorporate the collective data into a research report, which should enable agencies to benchmark their experience against other public safety agencies.

Participate in the survey for the chance to win a $100 Visa® Gift Card! 

*All survey participants will enter our raffle. Winner will be randomly selected on February 1, 2021. We will notify the winner within one week after the draw via the email address provided in the survey. 

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In the interim, if you’d like to learn more about how InTime’s mission-critical workforce management software helps public safety organizations reduce costs, manage risks, increase productivity, and ensure compliance, chat with one of our experts today.

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This report is made possible by the contributions of public safety officials across North America. To get access to the report, simply complete this 3-minute anonymous online survey by January 25, 2021. All survey participants will receive the final report via email, a few weeks after the survey closes.

Your Privacy Is Important To Us

This 3-minute survey won’t ask much of you. All answers are private and confidential and InTime doesn’t ask for your name or your agency’s name. None of the questions are mandatory. You only need to submit an email to receive a copy of the published report. 

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This survey is designed for management-level employees at public safety agencies that are responsible for, or involved with, staff scheduling, overtime management, or budgeting. If someone else in your agency’s management is better suited to participate in this survey, please forward this email to them.