E-Subpoena Scheduling & Notification System


Sync your Work Schedule with Your Justice System

InTime’s Court & E-Subpoena Module allows Courts and police departments to easily schedule court appearances, serve electronic subpoenas, and efficiently communicate with personnel named as witnesses. Court clerks will be able to see witness availability when selecting Court dates, preventing scheduling conflicts, back-and-forth correspondence, and even reducing overtime hours.

The courts are able to look at the schedule and see when the officers are working and schedule hearings when they’re working, which eliminates a lot of overtime. A lot less headaches for our staff because they don't have to call back and forth between the courts to reschedule hearings.

Tobin Zech

Lieutenant, York Area Regional Police


with Synced Schedules

Take the guessing game out of scheduling court dates. When issuing e-subpoenas, court clerks can see the availability of personnel acting as witnesses, enabling them to confidently find and schedule a court date the first time


with Reliable Notifications

Subpoenas, cancellations and changes to scheduled court appearances are delivered to witnesses via e-mail, SMS text message, and in-app alerts through the InTime phone app.


with Instant Feedback

Don’t let court dates put you under minimum staffing levels or overtime hours. Updated court dates and details are immediately synced with your department schedule, instantly giving you visual feedback about your minimum deployment levels.

What do our customers say about our subpoena management module?

What do our customers say about our subpoena management?


Court liaisons can instantly alert witnesses if a hearing is continued or dispositioned via SMS text message, email or through the InTime Phone App. Employees can view all court assignment details right from their phone.


Instantly run reports on specific cases and know exactly how many hours and resources have been allocated to a case. See who’s working the case, what type of overtime it is, and all custom tagged data such as:
  • Staff working the case 
  • Types of overtime 
  • Case Numbers
  • Charges
  • Offense Dates 
  • Prosecutors 
  • Phone numbers

Find out how Orange County Law & Justice manages 145,000 subpoenas a year with InTime

The value of our court liaison has just gone through the roof. Their ability to manage things all in one location is huge – Bob Cotes, ILJAOC Coordinator

Accurate Time & Attendance Data

InTime offers two easy options to accurately track your officer’s time – minimizing the workload for your administrators and Payroll staff. Choose the time collection method that works for you:


Set up a customizable “Geofence” around Courthouses for your officers to clock in and out right from their mobile phones using the InTime phone app.


If you choose not to use the Geopunching, officers can submit electronic time slips, through our Web Portal, to be reviewed and approved by Supervisors.

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