Overtime Management for Public Safety


Manage Overtime in 3 Easy Steps


Overtime Shifts Electronically

Send overtime shifts out electronically to selected groups of employees. Employees can request overtime shifts from their smart phones.


Quickly Find Qualified Staff

InTime automatically filters your signups based on your Union and organizational rules, fatigue rules, training compliance, scheduling conflicts, and even employee preferences.


Automatically Fill Shifts

InTime can automatically fill the open shifts for you, or you can manually choose employees from the filtered signup list. Employees are automatically notified whether or not they are approved.

Save thousands of hours for your organization by streamlining your Overtime Management process and even reducing the number of Overtime hours required.

How are our customers benefiting from streamlined OT management?


Identify Overtime at a Glance with Visual Scheduling

InTime’s visual scheduling interface lets you view and plan your schedule months in advance and effortlessly see your minimum staffing levels — no longer will you need to check multiple spreadsheets or re-calculate minimum deployments with every change you make.

How did Azusa Police Department reduce OT costs by 50%?

“One of the big things that stood out to me was the availability for your employees to use smartphones, their home PCs, tablets or whatever they’ve got to submit OT requests” – Captain Sam Fleming

Get More Sign Ups in Less Time!

With advance notice of available overtime shifts and the ability to filter available shifts by date and activity, employees can coordinate overtime hours with their personal schedules. The result? More signups and the ability to fill overtime in days, not weeks. Happy employees and more efficient scheduling!

I might post 20 shifts on a Thursday and by that night those shifts are all signed up for in 10-15 minutes.


Bruce McPhillips

Lieutenant, South San Francisco Police Department

In the past we’ve had 2 sergeants calling for overtime for 2-3 hours at a time, now it’s just a few clicks.
Robert Lukowski

Lieutenant, Winnebago County Sheriff

We used to literally call officers on the phone when we would have overtime to get filled and it was a really laborious process. And now we can post it, they get a notification on the app on their phone, and they’ll sign up for the shift, and we’re done in five minutes. It’s a fantastic timesaver. 

Brian Amoroso

Captain, San Luis Obispo Police Department

Reduce Overtime Costs with Better Tracking & Planning

Go beyond merely managing Overtime and reduce your Overtime costs significantly. If you are still using spreadsheets or paper processes to manage overtime, it is difficult to track the activities that are contributing to the highest costs. InTime offers a few key features that make this effortless.

Track Specific Overtime Activities


Before you can reduce your overtime budget, you must first be able to track your overtime hours and activities. Are your officers spending significantly more overtime hours on specific type of assignments? InTime allows you to answer these questions easily:


  • How much are you spending on Overtime?
  • What activities are contributing the most Overtime?
  • Who is approving and allocating Overtime?

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