Automated Shift Bidding for Public Safety


Something that once took your agency weeks to manage, now can be completed in a matter of days. InTime streamlines the process and allows employees to bid on shifts from wherever they are right from their smartphones! Manage your shift bidding process in a few easy steps:

A bidding process that automatically builds your schedule

Easily Create Shift Positions

Use or modify existing schedule templates to create positions and define the number of openings available. Go live to selected groups of staff and have your employees sign up from their smart phones!

Bid on Positions from the InTime App

Employees can view available shifts from their phones and bid on their top choices.

Rules-Based Selection

Define your sorting sequence based on preferences, seniority and more. InTime will sort bids and award shifts to the most eligible candidate.

Your Schedule Auto-Populates!

Once a position has been assigned to an employee it can be uploaded in just a few clicks to your live schedule. No manual entry required!

Mobile Employee Shift Bidding

A process that once required countless schedules to be printed and posted on department walls can now all be done digitally. No longer do you need to wait for all your staff to systematically come in and sign up; this can all be done from their smartphones and tablets and allows the process to be fair and equitable. Using InTime reduces user error and automates notifications and schedule fulfillment.

mobile shift bidding software

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