Technical Support


Below are a few frequently-asked Technical Support Questions.

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Technical Support Questions

What is my 'InTime Server?'

If you are an InTime customer and need to find your InTime Server, please submit the Contact Form below with the following details:

  1. Subject Line: Technical Support
  2. InTime User Role: Employee
  3. Organization Name: Please enter your Organization Name to help us locate your server.

I can't log in.

Lost or Forgotten Password

If you’ve lost or forgotten your password, you can reset your password by selecting the ‘Forgot password’ option on the login page and following the prompts.

Note: If you do not receive the Password Reset e-mail, it is possible that it went to your Junk folder, or that you do not have an e-mail address entered in the system. If the Password Reset e-mail cannot be found, please contact your System Administrator and have them reset your password internally.

I'm not receiving Notifications.


If you or your employees are not receiving notifications:

  1. Make sure an e-mail or phone number has been entered for the employee in User Setup.
  2. If employees are not receiving notifications for postings, please check the applicable filter group and ensure the employee is within the filter being used.
  3. If employees are still not receiving notifications, run the Notification Detail Report to ensure the notifications are sending successfully.
  4. Please get in touch with support if notifications are still undeliverable.

How do I grant InTime access to employees?

Granting InTime Access to Employees

To allow your employees to log in their InTime Mobile App, find the employee under User Setup and assign a username and password

InTime Won't Download

Downloading & Installing InTime

  1. Ensure you are using the correct URL to access download page
  2. Confirm with your IT that you have rights within your network to install

I can't expire an employee

Expiring an Employee

InTime will not allow you to Expire an Employee should they have Assignments past their “Last Employed” Date.

If this is the case, upon entering the “Expire” date, the Employment box will appear in yellow. Simply hover over the “Expire” date and InTime will provide you with a list of the contradicting Assignment(s) or Leave(s).

InTime will accept the “Expire” date once those Assignments have been removed from the Work Schedule.

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