Police Officer Dissatisfaction [Webinar]

Guest Speaker: Shane McSheehy, Captain of the Eustis Police Department

Police officers perform an increasingly difficult job. A variety of factors, including frequent exposure to violence, human indecency and a seemingly dwindling respect for law enforcement authority, play a critical role in generating chronic stress in officers. Research indicates chronic stress levels in police personnel directly impact job performance. Chronic stress can also have profound implications on the work-life balance of officers. Officers who lack effective stress coping strategies find themselves struggling with both their home and professional well-being; within this struggle, an officer may experience job dissatisfaction. This can lead to unhealthy or unsafe behaviors and may become a toxic influence to an agency workplace.

This session identifies key strategies to overcome officer dissatisfaction in an organization:


  • Prevention techniques will not only uncover indicators of life dissatisfaction in police applicants, but also explore areas within the organization which affect job satisfaction.
  • Identification strategies will discuss early detection of officer job dissatisfaction, causal factors, and possible origins.
  • Mitigation strategies to assist officers in restoring a proper work-life balance, and simple approaches to improve job satisfaction.

About Our Presenter

Shane McSheehy

Captain of Eustis Police Department


Shane S. McSheehy has over 26 years of experience in law enforcement and is currently a Captain with the Eustis Police Department. He has also been an adjunct criminal justice instructor, international trainer, and a key note speaker. Shane is a committee member of the Florida Police Chiefs Association. He has published several articles in the Calibre Press and Law Enforcement Today. 

Captain McSheehy has a Master’s (MS) in Management and Leadership and in Criminal  Justice Administration. You can connect with Captain Shane S. McSheehy on LinkedIn. 


Police Captain Shane Mcsheehy



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