About InTime

Helping Agencies Manage their Complex Staffing Problems

Why Choose InTime?

InTime specializes in the public safety sector so you can rest assured that no one will understand your needs better than we do. We’ve been doing this for decades, we continuously work to innovate and improve our product, and we offer 24/7 customer support. InTime also provides new customers with hands-on training from experienced members of the public safety community, such as retired captains, lieutenants, and sergeants. We’re so confident in our product that we are the only public safety scheduling software on the market to offer our potential customers a FREE, no-obligation 30-day trial. We know when you see our product, it’ll speak for itself.


We’ve Been Around for a Long Time

InTime released two sister products in 1996, Officer Scheduling and Speedshift. One catered to law enforcement and the other to corrections and security. Nine years later ISE (InTime Scheduling Engine) was released and it wasn’t much later that we introduced ISE for the cloud. This was a huge milestone – it reduced expensive internal hosting costs. Fast forward to today and we have InTime, the most advanced scheduling & timekeeping solution on the market.

The InTime Mission


InTime’s mission is to provide advanced and easy-to-use scheduling and workforce management tools for complex organizations that don’t fit that mold.


Serving 500+ Agencies in North America and Around the World

There are plenty of generic scheduling solutions that work great for organizations with simple shift patterns or your typical 9-5. We are proud to service 500 agencies across North America and around the world!

The InTime Free Trial Experience

We are the only scheduling solution in the public safety industry that offers a complete full trial of the product before you make a purchase. That is because we believe that the product needs to not only check all the boxes, you need to be able to use it on a daily basis. One of our customers puts it best:

“During my trial I was able to call support at any time and they would help and show me functionality I didn’t even know about. At the end of the 30-day trial I had a 100% working model and I hadn’t even paid a dime.”

Sam Fleming

Retired Captain, Azusa Police Department

Everything You Need in One Place


“If you’re looking for something that’s a one-stop shop, that you can integrate into your operation … I think InTime is probably one of the best. You can use it for scheduling, timekeeping, reports, and it makes decision making and scheduling easier.”


Lt. Bruce McPhillips, South San Francisco PD

You're in Good Hands

Your relationship with InTime doesn’t just stop after implementation. We have a dedicated customer support staff that are not only InTime software experts, but understand public safety inside and out. Meet some of our team:

John Desmond

John Desmond

Retired Captain, Newport Beach PD

John is our Implementation & Support Manager and has over 32 years of Law Enforcement experience, coupled with over 13 years of experience with InTime.

Ricky Rhodes

Ricky Rhodes

Retired Lieutenant, Tigard PD

Ricky has over 30 years of experience serving in the police force and is an active member of the FBINAA (Chapter 220) community.

Robert Cote

Robert Cote

Retired Sergeant, Cypress PD

Robert is one of our Implementation Specialists and has over 26 years of Law Enforcement experience. He also served as the InTime Coordinator for Orange County’s integrated law & justice agency.