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Yes, InTime’s implementation services leverage a proven, structured and pragmatic approach. Each implementation and training specialist has a minimum of 25 years of experience in the public safety industry, plus multiple years of using InTime at an administrative level at their respective agencies. This experience allows our implementation team to work collaboratively with our customers to configure the software to best meet the unique needs and processes of every agency.

After completing the implementation process, InTime provides highly effective training for public safety administrators to ensure they have the knowledge and skills to best utilize the software to meet their agency’s needs. InTime customers are always fully trained on their configured InTime system by “Day 1”.

You bet! InTime’s software was purpose-built for the 24/7 scheduling needs of public safety and law enforcement. InTime is configurable to almost every shift pattern or rotation and the template functionality makes it easy to create and maintain complex schedules. With the template software, you can build out each employee’s schedule and publish them out as far as you need to. For examples on how agencies have cut down their scheduling time with InTime, check out our customer stories.

Yes. In addition to InTime’s robust desktop application, public safety employees can access InTime from any web-based portal. This includes any Android or iOS smartphone through the InTime Mobile app. Learn more on our Product Overview page.

InTime’s software instantly notifies staff when agencies post overtime and extra-duty assignments. Our automated, rule-based process ensures the most qualified personnel is chosen based on configurable agency rules. Easily create events and enter details and requirements into InTime, months in advance, allowing for visibility and proactive event management. Learn more about our overtime management  and event management.

InTime’s support hours are Monday to Friday 0600-1700 PT. Please fill out a support form to contact our support team or call 1-877-603-2830 ext. 2. In addition, customers have access to:

  • Online Knowledge Hub available 24/7
  • Automatic software updates written and video instructions for new features
  • Online “refresher” video library available 24/7

Yes! We have testimonials and references from a wide variety of public safety agencies. You can view our case studies here.

InTime’s scheduling solution is the foundation of our workforce management system. In addition to the scheduling solution, InTime provides a suite of complementary and fully integrated modules that are purpose-built for public safety industries. 

These modules include:

Agencies can purchase these additional modules based on their needs. When purchased, these modules are fully integrated within the scheduling and workforce management capabilities.

Learn more about InTime’s product.

You can fill out this form to get started with InTime. Once our team receives your form, one of our public safety experts will be in touch within 24 hours. Want to get in touch sooner? Call 1-877-603-2830 ext.1.

Oh no! It happens to the best of us. For support inquiries, please fill out our support form or call 1-877-603-2830 ext. 2.

In the meantime, here are some helpful troubleshooting steps:

For InTime Desktop:

  1. Check that the username and password are correct 
  2. Attempt password reset process via “Forgot Password”
  3. Ensure your InTime client is up to date

For InTime Web: 

  1. Check that the username and password are correct
  2. Check that your URL is correct 
  3. Attempt password reset process via “Need to set or reset your password?”

For InTime Mobile:

  1. Check that your email and password are correct 
  2. Try Advanced Login method with username by selecting “ADVANCED”
    1. Check that username and password are correct 
    2. Check that your Company ID and URL are correct

Attempt password reset process via “Need to Set or Reset Your Password?”

We do! InTime University (InTime U) is our annual three-day user conference event hosted at a major USA city. The agenda includes product training sessions, customers sharing their case study stories, public safety industry speakers and an opportunity to network with like-minded public safety officials to exchange experiences and ideas. Learn more about InTime U.

Choosing the right shift length for your officer is important in order to improve employee morale, increase officer performance and reduce overtime. The most common shift lengths are 8, 10, or 12 hours. In past studies, officers working 10-hour shifts have reported getting more sleep per night and experiencing a better quality of life compared to an 8 or 12 hour shift. Officers working 12-hours reported more sleepiness and less alertness than 8-hours. The 10-hour shift is seemingly the best shift to minimize officer fatigue.

However, there are some considerations with this shift length. Since 10 does not go into 24 evenly, it means your agency will have some overlapping shifts throughout the day. Though overlapping shifts is good because it gives officers more support, it means double the equipment necessary at one given time. To learn more, check out our blog on 
choosing the right shift length

We also have additional resources around officer wellness and mental health for those in public safety. Check out our blog here.

Yes! InTime was purpose-built for the needs and demands of public safety scheduling. With over 500 customers across the globe, InTime is the leading provider of scheduling and workforce management software for public safety agencies. Learn more here.

Yes. InTime can import or export data through our robust web services capabilities. Connect to any external system, including your agency’s payroll, records management, or human resources system. Learn more about our software integrations.

Absolutely! InTime’s software is easy-to-use and built to handle the most complex needs in public safety. InTime is a highly visual system and excels at providing a bird’s-eye view of an entire department in one screen. This allows users to improve operational oversight so every agency can have the most efficient workflow possible. To learn more about agencies using InTime to improve efficiency, check out our case studies.

Scheduling and timekeeping processes for public safety departments can be complex. InTime has seen just about every unique scheduling challenge and with this knowledge, we continuously enhance the software to be the most efficient scheduling software on the market. While many entry-level products struggle to adapt to the needs of complex public safety processes, InTime provides the most robust software solution for public safety agencies nationwide. 

InTime is one of the only software vendors that provides integrated software modules that are purpose-built to address additional public safety workforce management challenges. Learn more about our highlights and additional modules

In addition to providing software that’s best-in-class, InTime also offers value that’s proven to enable success for hundreds of public safety agencies. This includes: 

InTime’s software implementation team 

InTime’s implementation and training specialists have a minimum of 25 years’ experience as sworn law enforcement officers, plus multiple years of using InTime at an administrative level at their respective agencies. They are experts in the nuances of complex scheduling, timekeeping and change management. 

Tailored software training 

InTime’s training experts tailor their training to each agency’s unique processes and goals. InTime’s training process always ensures customers are trained in their configured InTime system, and never trained solely on the general product.

Top-notch customer support 

InTime’s Customer Support team is trained to listen and guide our customers to use InTime’s software in the best way to address their challenges. Read more on our customer stories.

Annual InTime User conference 

InTime invites its users to an annual three-day user conference hosted at a major US city. The agenda includes product training sessions, customers sharing their case study stories, public safety industry speakers and an opportunity to network with like-minded public safety officials to exchange experiences and ideas. Learn more about InTime U.

Thought leadership 

InTime is a recognized thought leader in public safety scheduling and workforce management. Whether it’s articles from industry experts, compelling guest webinar speakers or research-based industry reports, InTime provides a wealth of knowledge to contribute to the on-going education of the public safety community. 

Check out our latest publications.

InTime’s pricing model is based on a variety of factors, such as agency size, number of modules and training requirements. Please contact our sales team for a price specific to your agency.

Yes, InTime is a secure, cloud-based solution hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and is tailored for all roles within a public safety agency. InTime can be deployed via desktop, web, and mobile. 

InTime is SOC2 compliant and maintains the latest best practices for cloud security. See InTime’s data protection and privacy page for more information.

Great question! The process involved in transitioning to new software is a critical task that requires managing the “people side” of change. The most important step is to define the “message” from senior command to the organization. This message should convey why there is a need for change and the benefits of that change. To learn more about how agency leaders can inspire the successful adoption of new technology and overcome the resistance to change, watch this panel discussion. 

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