Overtime management designed with your agency in mind.

Overtime management software built for the complex demands of law enforcement scheduling.

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Automate your overtime management.

Automated, rule-based overtime processes ensure the right people are in the right place, every time. Post overtime assignments and let InTime choose the most qualified personnel based on configurable agency rules.

Fill Overtime Assignments

Software that fills overtime assignments in the blink of an eye.

Post overtime assignments and have staff instantly notified through the web or InTime’s scheduling mobile app. Fast signups ensure overtime shifts are filled in minutes, not days.


Now, we can post an overtime assignment, staff get a notification on their phone, they'll sign up for a shift, and we're done in 5 minutes. It's a fantastic time saver.

Brian Amoroso

Captain, San Luis Obispo Police Department

Keep overtime allocation fair and compliant.

Overtime allocation based on your agency’s rules. Let InTime’s software choose the most qualified staff to ensure fair distribution. Rule-based assignments mitigate liability risks like fatigue and non-training compliance.

Keep Overtime Allocation Fair
Overtime Usage Reports

See exactly what's contributing to overtime.

Instantly know where overtime is being spent to proactively optimize overtime budgets. Use InTime’s overtime reports to track and facilitate easier grant reimbursement submissions to support efficient cost recovery.

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