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Workforce management with
scheduling at its core.

Workforce management
with scheduling
at its core.

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Built for public safety, available in the cloud.

InTime is a secure, cloud-based software hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and is tailored for all roles within a public safety agency. 

InTime Desktop Platform

InTime Desktop
For office teams

InTime’s robust desktop application allows administrators the full power to manage key admin capabilities such as user access limits, built-in rules, scheduling and reporting for the entire agency.

InTime Web Platform

InTime Web
For field staff

InTime’s web-based portal allows for supervisors and employees in the field to access their personal schedules, leave requests, swaps, shift sign-up (and more) from any web browser.

InTime Mobile Platform

InTime Mobile
iOS & Android

InTime’s rich mobile app provides access to personal schedules, leave requests, OT slips, shift signups, trades, bidding, punch in/out and timesheets, all from the palm of the hand.

Work more efficiently.

Liberate administrative time with automation that replaces tedious activities.

Scheduling with InTime

Simplify Scheduling

Easily make the right personnel decisions with InTime’s easy-to-use scheduling interface designed to simplify the complexities of public safety.

InTime's Robust Platform

Seamless OT Allocation

Built-in rules guide quick and effective decision-making on overtime assignments to ensure compliance and equitable distribution.

Overtime Management with InTime

See it all in One Place

View your day-to-day scheduling and extra duty in one place. Get greater visibility to manage coverage, eliminate double bookings and reduce risk of fatigue and missed shifts.

Leave Management with InTime

Easy Leave Management

Automated workflow that checks time banks, approve and reject leave requests, and identify coverage gaps in seconds.

Reduce agency risk and liability.

Reduce agency
risk and liability.

Gain powerful visibility into equitable OT allocation, training compliance and fatigue issues before they become bigger issues.

Assignment Intelligence with InTime

Compliance Warnings

Get warned of any issues during scheduling with InTime’s built-in alerts to protect against fatigue, training and OT non-compliance.

Fair Overtime allocation with InTime

Fair OT Allocation

Post open shifts and automate fair overtime assignment with the most flexible rule-based intelligence in the industry.

InTime Insights - Reporting + Dashboards

Look into the Future

InTime insights provide rich reporting and dashboards to foresee any administrative risk issues before they become bigger problems.

Optimize personnel spend.

Control budgets and spend smarter with InTime.

Spend Smarter with InTime

Get to the Bottom of OT

Granularly track the dollars and cents of overtime by reason, team, group, location and employee to view root causes of overtime budget overage.

InTime Insights - Reporting + Dashboards

Optimize Staffing Levels

InTime's coverage levels intelligence provide a bird's eye view to help optimize staffing and mitigate unnecessary call-ins.

Training Management Icon

Track Grant Reimbursements

Easily track time associated to grants to optimize funding and simplify reimbursements to minutes.

Leave Management with InTime

Forecast Agency Leave

It's no secret that leave is tied directly to overtime. InTime tracks and forecasts leave to help with proactive staffing.

Engage your team.

Reduce confusion, mistakes, and crossed lines of communication with staff.

Get ont the same page with InTime

Mobile Connect

Check schedules, approve leave, post overtime shifts and streamline these processes, all from the web.

OT Postings Made Easy

Easily post overtime postings to provide staff the chance to sign-up for opportunities that work for them.

Communication Made simple with InTime

Updates in an Instant

Automated mobile scheduling notifications mean staff are always in the loop to schedule changes, approvals and available OT shifts, instantly.

Leave Management with InTime

No More Clunky Processes

Don't wait around for paper slips. Staff can submit time off, OT slips, and verify timesheets on the go, quickly funneled into our easy approval process.

Public Safety pedigree.

With over +20 years of public safety expertise, we know what drives customer success.

Made of Public Safety

Expert Set-up & Training

With over +20 years of industry experience, we know public safety. That's why we hire implementation and training staff with +25 years of public safety experience to ensure our customers get the guidance they need to tailor InTime to their unique needs.

Contact InTime Support

World-Class Support

Access our rich Knowledge Hub for on-demand resources or contact support directly to get high-touch, personalized support that's the best in the industry.

Annual User Conference

We care about building public safety community. InTime University is our annual user conference that provides our customers with an immersive, one-of-a-kind InTime training and leadership development experience.

Additional modules, built for public safety.

modules, built for
public safety.

InTime is much more than just scheduling. We provide a robust public safety workforce management ecosystem with scheduling at its core.

Timekeeping with InTime


Automate timekeeping with timesheets that flow directly from the schedule.

Court + Subpoenas with InTime

Court and Subpoena

Streamline your court scheduling and subpoena process with automated electronic subpoenas.

Shift Bidding With InTime

Shift Bidding

Simplify the bidding process with online shift bidding made easy.

Asset Management

Asset Management

Integrate asset and equipment tracking into your schedule to improve transparency and accountability.

Training Management Icon

Training Management

Track agency-wide training and certifications with integrated compliance checks in the schedule.


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