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InTime is a provider of workforce management software that is purpose-built for public safety and trusted by 500+ public safety agencies. With over 25 years in the public safety sector, InTime has the proven expertise in understanding the complex scheduling needs of law enforcement, fire, corrections, and dispatch agencies.

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InTime is comprised a breath of capabilities and modules, the core of which is Staff Scheduling, TimeKeeping, and Overtime Management. With InTime, agencies can increase productivity, reduce costs, ensure compliance, and minimize risk.

See what our Public Safety customers are saying about InTime

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Ensure data-driven decision making and scheduling by enabling fully integrated, automated management of essential workforce planning tasks.

We used to call officers on the phone when we would have overtime to get filled and it was a laborious process. Now we can post it, they get a phone notification, they’ll sign up for the shift, and we’re done in 5 minutes.

Brian Amoroso

Captain, San Luis Obispo Police Department

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Reduce overtime costs through tracking and assignment tools and improve cost recovery by streamlining reimbursements for specific emergencies (FEMA, COVID-19).

Before, we had 3 or 4 different sheets that we had to update to keep everything accurate. Now, everything is in one place and it’s easy to transfer officers from one shift to another. It’s beyond belief how much time and money is saved.

Matthew Bombrys

Lieutenant, Toledo Police Department

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Manage staffing and maintain compliance with union and agency-specific policies through rules-based scheduling and alerts.

InTime made us more efficient to track who was supposed to be in those assignments. More importantly, we were able to print out the documentation who the officers were, and the exact hours worked.

Joe Monroe

Chief of Police, University of Kentucky Police Department

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Minimize agency liability and unnecessary risks to staff and the general public through improved visibility of inappropriate scheduling. 

It felt like errors happened all the time, at least once a week- it’s just human error. Now, I don’t ever see the errors, I love that it catches if there is less than 8 hours between schedules or double bookings.

Rick Crismas

Operations Manager, Springfield-Greene 911

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Build, maintain, & control the scheduling of your workforce, no matter how large your organization or how complex your operation.


InTime’s scheduling system contains all your employee overtime, timebanks, leaves and complex pay rules. All that data automatically populates your timesheets; meaning the only thing you have to manage is approvals.


Streamline your overtime management process and use InTime’s advanced reporting to help reduce unnecessary overtime.

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We know that law enforcement, corrections, dispatch, fire and EMS have some of the toughest scheduling requirements. That is why InTime can be configured to handle your specific rules, while still being easy to use on a daily basis.


All your departments and agencies managed autonomously in one centralized secure system. The results are improved operational oversight, cross-department scheduling and more effective reporting.


With a user-friendly location-based scheduling interface, InTime simplifies contract commitments and controls costs to give you improved productivity, reduced overhead, and higher margins.

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