Timekeeping solutions for public safety.

Streamline timekeeping and payroll with automated timesheets that flow directly from the schedule.

Timekeeping solutions for public safety

Automate timekeeping.

With InTime, scheduling, timesheets and payroll can be connected in sync. Employee hours, overtime, timebanks, leaves and complex payroll data can be automatically pushed to timesheets and exported to your payroll. No more tedious data entry and costly errors.

Pay codes. One less thing to keep track of.

Pay codes. One less thing to keep track of.

InTime tracks pay codes in the schedule and automatically applies them to staff timesheets based on configured pay periods. Easily run reports on any pay code since all the information needed for your payroll is handled by InTime.

What used to take me 4 hours each Payroll period only takes me 50 minutes with InTime. Not only is it more efficient, but more accurate.”


Captain, Azusa Police Department

Azusa Police Department

Approvals made easy.

Get rid of unnecessary papers and simplify the approval process. With InTime, all timesheets are automated, verified by staff and easily submitted through our web and mobile app for multi-level supervisor approval.

Approvals made easy.

Integrate with your payroll.

Timekeeping data can be sent to your payroll system to reduce data headaches and costly payroll errors. InTime has been used to send timekeeping and payroll data to almost every major payroll system in the industry.

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