Winnebago County Sheriff’s Office

100% reduction in time bank errors.

90% reduction in overtime management.

60% reduction in admin workload.

Patrol and jail working together.

Winnebago County Sheriff was previously using paper and spreadsheets to manage over 400 employees. Being a direct supervision jail, they also suffered from a high degree of burnout. They wanted to find a solution to automate their scheduling, improve communication between patrol and jail and to help alleviate employee burnout.

Case Study Video: Winnebago County Sheriff & InTime – Scheduling & Overtime

Winnebago County Sheriff’s Challenges

It was difficult to ensure that all their pods had proper staffing coverage when planning out the jail schedule. It was also challenging for supervisors to get an accurate read on where their officers were working that day.
Being a direct-supervision jail with over 1,200 inmates and 50 rotating officers it was difficult to track rotations. Officers could be exposed to high stress pods for months at a time!
Previously Winnebago County Sheriff had no transparency between departments making it difficult to coordinate staffing requirements.
If an officer requested a day off, often the sergeant in charge of the scheduling would have to drive back to the office to consult the binder where they managed all their schedules!
Winnebago County Sheriff had inconsistent methods of handling accruals and deductions which resulted in officers being granted leave without enough time in their time bank. It was reported that 15% of approvals were granted with insufficient vacation or leave time accrued.

How did Winnebago County Sheriff’s do it?

We talk with Lt. Lukowski (Jail), Sgt. Brimhall (Patrol) and Tami Goral (Executive Assistant) at Winnebago County Sheriff about how they managed to streamline their scheduling, overtime and timekeeping.


Jails often have pods or stations that have more stress and burnout associated with them than others. It is important to ensure that staff are rotated through pods to ensure they are not in high stress environments for prolonged periods of time. InTime has helped to facilitate this process for Winnebago and automates their rotations; taking into account coverage levels and compliance. InTime has also enabled Winnebago County Sheriff to quickly identify pods that are over or under staffed and to easily fill them with qualified employees.

“Now if someone comes to me complaining about burnout, I can run a report and see how long that officer has been in that high-stress pod. I can make an informed decision to get them out.”


InTime allows Winnebago to have both their patrol and jail scheduling managed independently, but from the same system. They both have very distinct requirements; however, they need some transparency between departments to make coordinated efforts and to forecast when they may need more staffing.

 “Patrol and corrections work side-by-side. For example, if patrol is putting a tac team out there, they may encounter more arrests, so this tells us at the jail that we may need to put out a transport. This allows us to forecast how many people we need on OT.”


Winnebago’s overtime callouts are now instant. They simply see on the schedule where they require overtime, click to send it to select groups of employees and have them sign up for the OT from their phones. InTime filters the signups based on Winnebago’s union rules and suggests the best employee to work the shift. It is all done automatically!

“The system is both eliminating unneeded overtime and making sure we do have enough OT.”

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