Court scheduling has never been easier.

Sync your police officers’ schedules with your justice system. Easily schedule court appearances, serve electronic subpoenas and efficiently communicate with witnesses.

Visual illustrating the court and subpoena module for law enforcement

Make your schedule and your justice system work together.

InTime’s software allows court clerks to see witness availability when selecting court dates. Prevent scheduling conflicts and reduce overtime hours from back-and-forth correspondence.

Metro Vancouver Transit Police

If we have notifications or de-notifications of court, we're able to do that much more quickly and efficiently.

cj kyle

Inspector, Metro Vancouver Transit Police

Court dates reflected in the schedule.

View your court dates in your schedule.

With electronic subpoenas, you can see all your court appearance information in one system. Approve the subpoena and have the court date automatically visible in your schedule.

Get every insight you need from your court reports.

Receive reports from InTime’s software on hours and resources spent on specific cases. See who’s working the case, what type of overtime it is and insights on court call-offs.

Build training rosters in a snap.

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A better way to schedule.