Let InTime keep track of your assets and equipment.

One system for all your scheduling and asset tracking.

Visual illustrating InTime's asset management module for public safety

Agency equipment should never get lost.

Eliminate assignment errors and prevent missing equipment. Use InTime to assign assets such as vehicles, radios, laptops, firearms, or Tasers to trained employees.

Ensure equipment use compliance.​

Always ensure equipment use is compliant with agency rules.

Set up InTime’s software intelligence to prevent assigning assets to employees without the necessary certifications and training. 

A better system to keep track of your equipment.

Manage and track all aspects of your equipment such as manufacturer, maintenance and expiration. Always know where your equipment is at all times.

Know where your equipment is.​
Generate equipment audits in seconds.​

Audit your agency’s equipment whenever you want.

With InTime, you can instantly view available equipment, assigned equipment and the history of all your assets. Give your agency accountability for every piece of equipment.

Custom rosters for daily equipment assignments.

Create custom roster reports with InTime and include all equipment assignments and details.

Daily rosters with equipment assignments.​

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