Leave management simplified.

Streamline agency leave requests, timebank management, approvals and vacation scheduling.

Visual illustrating InTime's leave management feature for public safety

Automate your leave management

With InTime, approvals are streamlined and personnel levels are updated in real-time. Save time and say goodbye to manually tracking staff timebanks and stressing about coverage level compliance.

Smart leave approvals with built-in alerts.

Smart leave approvals with built-in alerts.

Set multiple levels of approval and get instantly notified when there is a leave request. InTime flags leave requests with minimum coverage issues and insufficient time balances to ensure compliance and mitigate risk prior to approval. Once fully approved, the leave is automatically added to the schedule and the employee is notified.

Employees love the system. What they like the most is the overtime and leave requests being automated. Now, when an employee works overtime and they want comp time, it's in their bank immediately. There's no risk of going over in the bank or going in a negative balance.


Fiscal Director & HR Liaison, Winnebago County Sheriff

Winnebago County Sheriff

Accessible audit trails.

All leave requests, approvals and rejections along with their reasoning, and employee time banks balances are recorded in one place. Every historical record is accessible for supervisors and staff to review ensuring full transparency.

Accessible audit trails.

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