Automated overtime

Take the headache out of overtime management

InTime’s automated rule-based overtime scheduling ensures agencies always choose the most qualified personnel based on configurable agency rules. Speed up your overtime processes while staying compliant.

Fill your agency's overtime postings in a snap.

Easily create and fill overtime posts with InTime. Fill in the necessary details of the overtime shift, specify how long you want the post to be live and how many employees you’d like to be notified. Your employees can be notified in real-time through the InTime Mobile App, email, and/or SMS once it has been posted. With InTime’s scheduling intelligence, schedulers can specify and regulate who can view and sign-up for the overtime post. InTime fills the posting based on qualifications and automatically notifies the assigned employee.

With InTime’s automated overtime scheduling, agencies can:  

Overtime Scheduling - Alert showing open shifts
South San Francisco Police Department

With InTime, we have reduced the time required to fill OT by 60%. If I send out 20 shifts, those shifts will be filled by that night, within 10-15 minutes.

Bruce McPhillips

Lieutenant, South San Francisco Police Department

Overtime Scheduling - Desktop view of the scheduling process

Your agency makes the rules.

InTime’s overtime intelligence is configured to your department’s rules to assign the best employee to the assignment. Your public safety agency can sort your employees based on their rank, seniority, turn, first sign-up time stamp, hours worked, overtime worked, custom set precedence, pay rate and much more. These factors can be applied in a sequence or as tie-breakers when assigning employees.  

With InTime’s sorting intelligence, agencies can: 

Winnebago County Sheriff

InTime is eliminating unneeded overtime and making sure we do have enough OT, reducing time spent managing overtime by 90%.

Robert Lukowski

Captain, Winnebago County Sheriff’s

Make better use of your overtime budget.

InTime breaks down your overtime activity by reason, activity, group or location so you can know where your overtime money is being spent. Agencies can create unlimited reportable tags to categorize their overtime activities. Easily run reports that identify all overtime hours that qualify for grant reimbursement by reimbursement type maximizing efficient cost-recovery.  

With tracking tags, your public safety agency can: 

A chart showing Overtime Scheduling Budget Allocation

We reduced our overtime costs by 20%. We are now able to track where overtime is being spent and even drill down into specific special duty events to analyze overtime hours.

Bluffton Police Department

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