South San Francisco Police Department

60% reduction in time required to fill OT.

50% reduction in overtime management.

South San Francisco Police Department

“For someone who is on the fence whether or not to get the scheduling program … If you are looking for something that is a one-stop-shop, that you can integrate into your operation and not have to try to work with other programs, I think InTime is one of the best. You can use it for scheduling, timekeeping, reports and it makes decision making and scheduling easier.”


Lieutenant, South San Francisco Police Department

Overtime scheduling made easy with InTime.

The South San Francisco Police Department serves over 60,000 residents in a 3.5 million square foot area, that includes over 80 companies. With a total of 83 sworn and 35 civilian positions, the department covers many units for its territory including Patrol, Investigations, K-9, SWAT and Traffic.  The South San Francisco Police Department’s philosophy is one “of participative management, with a high degree of emphasis on training and education. In 1998, they decided to make the change from handling overtime with a paper and excel system, to the scheduling software offered by InTime. 

South San Francisco Police Department’s Past Challenges


With InTime, everything is in one, consolidated place when looking to post or fill overtime. As the South San Fran PD has the cloud system, both employees and management can virtually log in from anywhere in the world and see their schedules via the mobile app or a desktop. They can request to make changes online automatically without having to phone in or come into the department.

“It’s a one stop shop that we don’t have to worry about looking after.”


No more paper systems! InTime posts overtime shifts electronically to selected groups of employees. InTime automatically filters your signups based on your union and organizational rules, fatigue rules, training compliance and scheduling conflicts. InTime can automatically fill out the open shifts for you, or you can manually choose employees from the filtered lists. Employees are automatically notified whether they are approved. Previously, it would take the South San Francisco PD between 3-4 shifts to a whole week before every officer viewed the overtime paper sheet. Now, employees are notified via email or text about available overtime shifts.

 “Now, I might send out 20 [shifts] on a Thursday and by Thursday night, have those 20 shifts signed up for, within 10-15 minutes.”


Now with everything centralized in one location, South San Francisco PD can enforce department rules and perform process analysis. For example, it had gone unnoticed for many years that graveyard would continually holdover for dayshifts. This caused unnecessary OT that was mitigated thanks to proper tracking and reporting. This evaluation was only possible with the proper reporting in place.

“Before we started using the scheduling software, there were officers whose time was not tracked.”

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