InTime and New Mexico Corrections Department Present on Optimizing Software Upgrades at the 2023 Corrections Technology Association Conference

FORT MYERS, FL, JUNE 2023 – InTime, a leading provider of scheduling and workforce management software, partnered with the New Mexico Corrections Department (NMCD) to deliver an engaging presentation at the 2023 Corrections Technology Association (CTA) Conference in Fort Myers, Florida 

The presentation was carried by Jerry P. Brinegar, Chief Information Officer of NMCD, and Deepa Makkar, Deputy Chief Information Officer of NMCD along with Mitch Seminow, Regional Manager of InTime, and Jeff Lacey, CEO of InTime. The presentation centered around NMCD’s upgrade path  with InTime since their implementation in 2008. NMCD shared their experience and successes in their transition to the latest version of the platform throughout their 15-year partnership with InTime. They outlined the significance of keeping pace with technological advancements in the corrections industry and how InTime’s latest version offered enhanced features and functionality to address the evolving needs of correctional agencies.  

We are thrilled to have partnered with the New Mexico Corrections Department for this important presentation at the Corrections Technology Association Conference,” said Mitch Seminow, Regional Manager. “NMCD’s experience and success with our workforce management solution exemplify how technology can revolutionize the correctional industry, enabling agencies to operate efficiently, minimize risks, and ensure the safety and well-being of staff and inmates.” 

About New Mexico Corrections Department:

The NMCD is New Mexico’s largest executive agency with more than 2,510 full-time employee positions. The Adult Prisons Divisions (APD) operates 10 correctional institutions with a housing capacity of just under 7,800. 

About InTime:

InTime is the leader in scheduling and workforce management for public safety. For over 25 years, over 500 public safety agencies have used InTime to better manage their staff scheduling and operations. InTime’s offering helps public safety to run their best agencies by optimizing scheduling and overtime management, personnel spend, mitigating risk, and improving staff engagement.  

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