InTime’s Feature in Police Chief Magazine, Cybersecurity and CyberCrime, March 2022

VANCOUVER, BC, MARCH 2022 – InTime is featured in the March 2022 edition of the Police Chief Magazine as a leading vendor of scheduling and workforce management software. In the article, ‘Product Feature: Doing Away with Paper’, InTime is positioned as a cloud-based software tool that is designed to address all the complexities of workforce management for law enforcement agencies. For public safety agencies who are still using paper-based processes, this article highlights the importance of moving to a robust tool to improve efficiency, reduce risk, enhance communication, and optimize agency spend.

Below is an excerpt from ‘Product Feature: Doing Away with Paper (Personnel Management Software Saves a Bundle).

InTime offers a sweeping array of services in one. The cloud-based software tool is designed to handle scheduling, timekeeping, event management, and more. It’s specifically built for law enforcement agencies and includes modules for shift bidding, training management, asset management, and court and e-subpoena delivery.

“InTime is unique in this space in terms of completeness and robustness of the offering, ensuring it can enable success and address all the complexities of workforce management for law enforcement agencies,” said Ricky Rhodes, account executive for InTime, which is based in Vancouver, Canada.2 “There’s no shortage of scheduling solutions for public safety, but InTime stands out as the solution that can address and automate even the most complex police processes. Our track record for success and happy customers is unparalleled.”

Rhodes, a retired police lieutenant, said customer service is top of mind for InTime, with the company’s experience in law enforcement giving them a strong perspective on the needs and challenges police agencies face each day.

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Cover of the March 2022 issue of Police Chief Magazine

About InTime:  

InTime is the leader in scheduling and workforce management for public safety. For over 25 years, over 500 public safety agencies have used InTime to better manage their staff scheduling and operations. InTime’s offering helps public safety to run their best agencies by optimizing scheduling and overtime management, personnel spend, mitigating risk, and improving staff engagement. 

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