InTime’s Feature in POLICE Magazine, 2022 Innovative Police Leaders, September 2022

VANCOUVER, BC, SEPTEMBER 2022 – InTime is featured in the September 2022 edition of the POLICE Magazine as a leading tool that streamlines scheduling and workforce management for law enforcement agencies. In the article, ‘Product Spotlight: Making Police Scheduling Easier’, InTime is highlighted as a scheduling and workforce management tool that is  constantly refined to address the complex needs of law enforcement agencies. 

Below is an excerpt from ‘Product Spotlight: Making Police Scheduling Easier’.

One of the features that makes InTime particularly useful for law enforcement is that it considers all of the union rules and unit readiness rules the agency must follow, regarding officer hours and fatigue, officer qualifications, and overtime, when assigning shifts.

For example, if an officer wishes to switch shifts with another officer, the software determines if the two officers have the requisite qualifications based on the ranks and skills needed to cover the shift’s responsibilities while ensuring compliance with fatigue and overtime rules. Supervisors receive notification if the shift switch raises red flags, and the supervisor has final approval. All parties are notified about the supervisor’s decision over their phones, usually by SMS text or InTime’s Mobile App notifications. “If you get a shift switch wrong, it can jeopardize the agency and the community,” Warburton says.


Cover of the September 2022 Issue of POLICE Magazine

InTime is designed as a modular solution. All customers use the core scheduling tool, which provides scheduling, overtime management, extra duty event management, dashboards, and reporting. They can also add other capabilities as needed. Expansion modules include shift bidding, training management, court and subpoena, timekeeping, and asset management. All of the modules integrate seamlessly with the core scheduling software, according to Warburton.

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About InTime:  

InTime is the leader in scheduling and workforce management for public safety. For over 25 years, over 500 public safety agencies have used InTime to better manage their staff scheduling and operations. InTime’s offering helps public safety to run their best agencies by optimizing scheduling and overtime management, personnel spend, mitigating risk, and improving staff engagement. 

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