Winnebago County Sheriff’s Office Successfully Improves Scheduling and Workforce Management with InTime

VANCOUVER, BC, MAY, 2023 InTime, a leading provider of workforce management solutions for public safety, has announced the continued success of their scheduling and workforce management software as-a-service at the Winnebago County Sheriff’ Office (IL).  

The Winnebago County Sheriff’s Office chose InTime based on its ability to handle the needs of a complex Sheriff’s Office, including both location-based scheduling for the jail and unit-based scheduling for patrol, overtime management, and robust timekeeping. The software has been deployed across the Sheriff’s Office, including their patrol and detention divisions, which comprises of a total of 400 employees.  

Winnebago County Sheriff’s Office reports that after implementing InTime seven years ago, and still to this day, they’ve experienced improvements in the form of:  

  • Reduced officer burnout with its location-based scheduling feature and fatigue reporting. 
  • Increased oversight and staff forecasting between the patrol and detention division by having both departments under one scheduling system.  
  • Reduced time spent managing overtime by 90% through automating postings and allowing staff to sign up for overtime shifts through the web or smartphone.   
  • Eliminated 100% of time bank errors and streamlined the timekeeping process, freeing up time for staff to focus on other important tasks. 

“Patrol and corrections work side-by-side.”, said Captain Robert Lukowski from Winnebago County Sheriff’s Office, “For example, if patrol is putting a tac team out there, they may encounter more arrests, so this tells us at the jail that we may need to put out a transport. This allows us to forecast how many people we need on OT.” 

More recently, Winnebago has shared that enabling their staff to utilize the InTime Mobile App (iOS and Android) for seeing their schedule, making requests for overtime shifts or leave, anytime from anywhere, and receiving mobile notifications for available shifts and approvals, has facilitated improvements in employee communication, engagement, and morale. 

It’s really great to see Winnebago County Sheriff’s Office take full advantage of InTime and to continue to realize significant benefits for the officers, senior command and across the agency, year after year.” said Derek Warburton, Vice President, Sales, InTime 

About InTime:  

InTime is the leader in scheduling and workforce management for public safety. For over 25 years, over 500 public safety agencies have used InTime to better manage their staff scheduling and operations. InTime’s offering helps public safety to run their best agencies by optimizing scheduling and overtime management, personnel spend, mitigating risk, and improving staff engagement. 

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