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California Officer Wellness and Mental Health Grant Program.

This funding can be used to purchase InTime – intelligent scheduling and workforce management software. Support officer wellness and mental health through automated scheduling.


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About the grant.

Law enforcement is a challenging job, particularly with the physical, mental and emotional demands of public safety work. With increasing rates of turnover, officer wellness has never been more important. 

The California Officer Wellness and Mental Health Grant Program funds were created for the purpose of improving officer wellness and expanding agencies’ mental health resources. Funds can be used on services and programs that enhance officer wellness at your agency.

Grant requirements.

According to the the Wellness and Mental Health Grant Program funding can be used for any of the following purposes: 

  • Establishing or expanding officer wellness units 
  • Establishing or expanding peer support units 
  • Services provided by a licensed mental health professional, counselor, or other professional that works with law enforcement 
  • Expanding multiagency mutual aid programs focused on officer wellness and mental health 
  • Other programs and services that are evidence-based or have a successful track record of enhancing officer wellness

For more information on the grant, how to use the funds, and data reporting requirements visit


How InTime supports Officer Wellness and Mental Health

How police departments schedule their staff, including how often, for how long, and with how much rest, can have a significant impact on officer fatigue, and in turn on their wellness. Administrative inefficiencies related to scheduling can also cause cumulative stress, which can play a large role in wellness and mental health.

InTime provides a scheduling and workforce management solution purpose-built for law enforcement. InTime’s intelligent platform streamlines scheduling and provides agencies with visibility into all hours worked, including regular, overtime, extra-duty, training, and court. InTime’s built-in rules and proactive alerts prevent double bookings, training non-compliance, fatigue and lack-of or excessive coverage levels to ensure officer safety and wellness.

Protect staff with proactive fatigue monitoring and alerts.

InTime’s scheduling intelligence warns schedulers of scheduling issues before they happen. InTime’s smart alerts warns schedulers of double-bookings, coverage issues, fatigue issues, training non-compliance, missing skills, overtime issues, and more.

With proactive alerts, agencies can:

  • Mitigate officer fatigue on the field
  • Support officer safety by ensuring training compliance
  • Better ensure officers are not overworked
automated scheduling with equitable shift assignments

Reduce the risk of officer fatigue with fair and equitable overtime distribution.

InTime’s overtime intelligence is configured to your department’s rules to assign the best employee to the assignment. Agencies can sort employees based on hours worked, overtime worked, custom set precedence, and more.

With rule-based overtime assignment intelligence, agencies can:

  • Reduce the risk of fatigue and training non-compliance liabilities
  • Ensure fair and equitable shift distribution
  • Boost staff morale by reducing union issues and complaints

Improve staff communication and transparency with InTime’s mobile app.

Automated mobile scheduling notifications keep agency staff in the loop with schedule changes, approvals and available overtime shifts, all from staff mobile phones.

With InTime Mobile, agencies can:

  • Support officer morale by enabling officers to view their schedules and sign-up for shifts from their phone
  • Eliminate scheduling confusion by enabling shift changes, approvals, and postings notifications
  • Improve transparency by enabling officers to view their personal reports

Key staff insights to run your best agency.​

Get a bird’s-eye view on every schedule. InTime gives your agency greater visibility on day-to-day scheduling to manage coverage, eliminate double bookings and reduce risk. InTime also provides key reports and dashboards to foresee administrative risk issues before they become problems.

With reports and dashboards, agencies can:

  • Easily view important agency fatigue and liability trends
  • Identify specific areas that are more at risk of fatigue and training non-compliance
  • Support officer wellness through granular visibility into unnecessary overtime causes

Work smarter, not harder.

No more tedious processes and administrative headaches. Intelligent scheduling streamlines scheduling processes, including ensuring proper coverage levels with qualified staff, overtime postings, approving requests, and more.

With intelligent scheduling, agencies can:

  • Save countless hours on daily scheduling
  • Eliminate administrative stress related to human error and outdated scheduling tools
  • Boost staff morale by ensuring that agency and union rules are followed
InTime Mobile
Wellness Features Map

Preventative Fatigue Monitoring with InTime Wellness. ​

InTime Wellness is the #1 solution to address officer wellness from a data-driven approach. Wellness Monitoring Dashboards are powered by comprehensive scheduling data, allowing you to identify problem areas related to officer fatigue and training level qualifications. The InTime Wellness Resource Library provides 24/7, anonymous access to critical mental health resources, accessible via web or smartphone.

Police Man

“We saw a significant reduction of turnover, officers were not getting burnt out from fatigue. InTime helped us manage our officer fatigue issue, and most importantly, boosted our employee morale.”

Joe Monroe, Chief of Police – University of Kentucky Police Department

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