98% reduction in time
spent managing OT.

“In a one-month period last year, we had to fill 400 days of overtime. We used InTime’s auto-fill feature, which allowed those days to fill almost instantaneously.”

81% reduction in time
spent scheduling.

“Now not only do we have better accountability, but we have the ability to mobilize resources quicker, get bodies where they need to be quicker. It just makes everything more efficient and a lot smoother.”

Calgary Fire Department

The first time we used InTime, we filled 50 days of overtime in just 2 hours. With our old phone call system it would have taken 3 weeks to complete!


Deputy Chief of Operations, CAL FIRE

How CAL FIRE can fill 400 days of overtime instantly.

CAL FIRE is the third largest fire department in North America and are responsible for providing protection to over 31 million acres of state land. With more than 5,600 wild land fires each year, this places high demand on CAL FIRE’s ability to manage manpower efficiently. Before implementing InTime, CAL FIRE was using a combination of a competing product and multiple spreadsheets for scheduling, resulting in a lack of clear oversight and inefficient management.

Case Study Video: CAL FIRE & InTime – Scheduling and Overtime Management 

CAL FIRE’s Past Challenges


In some units of CAL FIRE, 20 hours/week were being spent managing overtime and finding qualified personnel to fill shifts.


Schedules were built and managed using a combination of spreadsheets and other scheduling systems. Even more, different departments within the Unit would have their own spreadsheets; resulting in an inefficient management of manpower.


It previously required 4-6 hours per week making schedule adjustments and an additional 2 hours per month building schedules.

Calgary Fire Department

We used a competitor for a little while before InTime and it has its pros and cons like any other system. Now we have a lot more control. We can send a message and fill shifts or put the autofill and have the system fill shifts. It's much better than an over-automated system that makes a lot of mistakes.

randy scales

Battalion Chief, CAL FIRE

How CAL FIRE did it.


Units that had multiple spreadsheets to manage their schedules were all consolidated into one system in InTime. Many of their manual processes became fully automated and allowed CAL FIRE to reduce daily scheduling management to just 10 minutes a day!


InTime has cut CAL FIRE’s time spent managing overtime to just under 30 minutes/week. Employees receive notifications via text, email and/or through the mobile app and can view available overtime from their phones. InTime then filters sign-ups based on CAL FIRE’s collective agreement and rules and can elect to automatically fill the shift with the best qualified employee.


The whole purpose of having a state-wide fire & protective service is to be able to share resources and communicate more efficiently. After implementing InTime, different units within CAL FIRE were able to easily share information on available staffing resources and easily move staff between stations, battalions and/or units.

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