Calgary Police Service

Calgary Police Service

InTime is a single source of schedule and employee data integrated service-wide to support decision-making and efficiencies in resourcing and processes.


Former Supervisor of Systems Development, Calgary Police Service

How the Calgary Police Service consolidated 4,000+ spreadsheets.

Calgary Police Service (CPS) is the 3rd largest police agency in Canada with close to 3,000 employees spanning over multiple divisions including 8 districts. They originally had set out to replace their old timekeeping solution and ended up purchasing InTime’s scheduling and workforce management software in 2012. CPS didn’t stop there, they made it their mission to integrate their entire technology stack to make better decision making when it came to resource allocation and processing. Read on to learn how they did it!

Calgary Police Service’s Challenges


Timesheets for each employee were manually entered into the payroll system each week, rules were applied and payments were issued. That’s 3000+ timesheets each week! In addition, CPS has a rule that one of their employee timebanks cannot exceed 185 hours. Anything exceeding this needed to be manually calculated and paid out for 200-300 employees each pay period.


Like many police agencies, CPS have multiple software systems to manage different aspects of their agency including RMS, HR, Payroll, CAD and more. What makes it even more complex for CPS is that they have a total of 140 custom in-house web applications. Because these systems don’t ‘talk’ to each other, they had a lot of inconsistencies and had to re-enter data into each system.


Calgary Police had no ability to restrict or provide accurate/timely reports on who receives pay premiums such as standby. They would need to retroactively analyze data in PeopleSoft and this would usually happen after the employee had already been paid.

Calgary Police Service’s Solution with InTime.

Calgary Police Service is decades ahead of industry standards when it comes to technology in law enforcement. Not only have they migrated from paper processes to specialized computing tools, they have integrated all these tools to improve operational efficiency and support better decision making.


From 4,160 spreadsheets a year to zero! InTime has streamlined all of Calgary Police’s scheduling and timekeeping, while giving them the flexibility to make unit changes and partial assignments. InTime has become Calgary’s operation hub, from which all data flows out of. The system is flexible enough to integrate with all their other systems.


Most staffing models are based off industry averages for sick time, vacation, training and other variables that affect deployment. Calgary, on the other hand, analyzed real data from InTime on overtime, callouts, sick time, leaves and more to get better insight into deployment levels. They were able to build a staffing model that resulted in better response times, proactive time and officer availability.


Before InTime, CPS had no ability to restrict pay premiums to only eligible members. They also had issues with monitoring pay related to temporary role changes. Now roles changes and pay rates are an automated process. InTime also ensures pay premiums are granted only to eligible members based on CPS’s union rules. An example of the cost savings this has created was a 50% reduction in the cost of Standby Premium.


With InTime at the core, CPS uses integrated data from across their systems to answer important questions and gain insights on the following:

  • What is the true financial cost of a specific operation?
  • Are deployment strategies the best they can be?
  • Can we improve employee wellness by optimizing our resource management?
  • Trends on response time, coverage levels, staffing levels, call volume, on-scene time
  • Overtime requirements and allocation


Calgary Police Service realized early on that having isolated software systems can lead to redundant, inconsistent and outdated information and made it their mandate to integrate their technology systems. Some of the integrations they have completed include:

PeopleSoft – Timesheets are auto-generated in InTime, approved by a supervisor, and then automatically passed to PeopleSoft for payroll processing. This mitigates the manual entry of approximately 156,000 timesheets per year!

NicheRMS™ – CPS uses InTime to push updates made to employee profiles including Unit, Rank and more into other systems so that information is only edited in a single system – dramatically reducing errors and improving efficiency

Microsoft Active Directory – Integrating InTime with Microsoft Active Directory synchronizes the Microsoft tool set with InTime updates, such as Microsoft Outlook for Contacts’ updated phone numbers, ranks, and other details

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