20 Funniest Police Tweets

Police officers have to deal with a wide variety of cases throughout their day … and having a sense of humor is definitely a great coping mechanism. We have scoured the internet to find the best police tweets from departments around the world. And rest assured, you won’t be disappointed.

Cheeky Responses 

When the Seattle Police Department did not take flack from someone questioning their presence at an event.

When Lawrence PD embraced the police stereotypes.

And when they absolutely had a zero-tolerance stalker policy.


When the Wyoming PD clarified – there is such a thing as a stupid question.

Attempts to Trick Criminals

When Leicester Police Department offered an unbeatable prize.

When Solihull PD only wanted to return lost products to their owners.

When York Regional Police just wanted to be included.

When Wyoming PD took a page out of the Sunday morning cartoons.

Cruel and Unusual Punishments

When Solihull PD was taking suggestions from victims how to punish perpetrators.

When Wyoming PD was willing to go to very, very, very far lengths to reduce drunk drivers on the road.

Inappropriate 9-1-1 Calls

When Lawrence PD had no time for politics in their work place.

When Kingston Police just wanted people to reconnect with their family members.

When the Great Manchester Police Whitefield Department did not believe your cravings were of an emergency proportion.

I’ll Take “Sports and Police for $500, Alex”

When Lawrence PD just wanted to stop another injustice from happening.

When Oklahoma City Police had to investigate a theft and the case was a slam dunk!

Criminals Who Aren’t the Smartest

When Stirling PD wanted to clarify that games do not take priority over the law.

When Solihull Police were worried about your driving skills.

Just Plain Old Good Advice

When the Mumbai Police didn’t want you to get arrested for being a weirdo.

The New South Wales Police Force offers advice in lyric format.

Bonus! The Amazing Twitter Account ‘Not a Cop’ @NotAPoliceman

This Twitter account deserves a blog post of its own. This hilarious individual has had some amazing tweets. We have chosen to showcase just a few of their best ones:

Send us your favorite police tweets or favorite twitter accounts!

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