6 of the Best Police Recruitment Videos Out There

Recruitment for public safety agencies has drastically decreased over the last few years. Nashville saw a 59% decrease from in applicants from 2010 to 2017. Seattle saw a 50% decline in applications in one agency. In May 2019, the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department announced they had more than 1,000 open job postings. This has resulted in many police departments resorting to unique recruitment strategies leaving the intense, military-style video with guns and rock music playing in the background in the dust.Check out our list of the top police department recruitment videos:


Danbury Police Department Doesn’t Take Itself Too Seriously

This police department released a hilarious video in 2017 about what it’s like being an officer for their agency. This video was the perfect blend of informative with moments of humor.



This One Truly Went Viral

The New Zealand police released an epic video in late 2017 that highlighted the qualities of the “right” candidate. The video made international headlines for its charm and humor, and the results spoke for themselves. The video achieved more than 1.8 million views online and almost 1,500 job profiles created in one week.



The Fort Worth Police Department Use Star Wars

The Fort Worth PD chose a different approach as a quick, funny, sketch surrounding Star Wars. Unlike some of the other videos on this list, they didn’t touch on police officer requirements or what it takes to become a police officer. Instead, they focus on garnering awareness for their department with a viral video.



The Melbourne PD

Okay, we know we said that the dramatic, rock-music, guns blazing videos were faux-pas. However, the production quality and spirit of this video from the Melbourne Police Department definitely earns a spot on our list.



BONUS: When videos fail, turn to billboards?

In a genuinely inspiring recruitment strategy, the Seattle PD started advertising on billboards … in Indianapolis. The department put up a billboard luring police officers to the West Coast. A local police officer stated that the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department has been losing officers to other cities, so this strategy is not surprising.




Did we miss an amazing police recruitment video in this list? Comment down below letting us know!

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