Off-duty scheduling for every public safety industry.

View extra-duty or off-duty requests and day-to-day scheduling all in one place. InTime improves your organization’s scheduling efficiency and enhances your officer safety.

Scheduling solutions made for extra-duty events.​

Plan your event coverage months in advance. Employees are automatically notified of extra-duty assignments and can sign up for shifts through InTime Web or Mobile. InTime’s scheduling intelligence enables schedulers to configure who can view and sign-up for assignments according to agency requirements. InTime automatically fills postings and notifies the assigned officers of key event details.

With smart event postings, your public safety agency can: 

Sample of off duty scheduling with InTime
Tigard Police Department

Now that our extra-duty and day-to-day scheduling is integrated, we're able to manage 300 extra-duty assignments a year easily.


Lieutenant, South San Francisco Police Department

Off Duty Scheduling Fatigue Alerts using InTime

Compliant staffing decisions across your organization.​

InTime’s scheduling intelligence sorts through a posted assignment’s sign-up lists and indicates the most qualified employee. Employees most compliant with agency training requirements, overtime requirements and event requirements are automatically chosen for shifts.  

With smart alerts, your public safety agency can: 

Transparent agency-wide communication.

View event details and requirements through the web, smartphone and/or SMS. InTime improves your agency’s communication by also enabling supervisors to broadcast email, SMS text or mobile push notifications to both on duty and off duty officers in the case of an emergency.

With InTime Web and Mobile notifications, your public safety agency can: 

Off Duty Scheduling Notifications with InTime

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