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Preventative fatigue monitoring for law enforcement.


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How does police fatigue monitoring work?

InTime’s Wellness Monitoring Dashboards are powered by comprehensive scheduling data, allowing you to identify problem areas related to officer fatigue and training level qualifications before problems arise. On top of that, the InTime Wellness Resource Library provides 24/7, anonymous access to critical mental health resources, accessible via web or smartphone.

Take care of your team

What are the benefits of police fatigue monitoring?

Support Your Staff's Wellbeing

Protect the people at the heart of your department. Provide staff with 24/7 access to wellness resources.

Proactive Fatigue Management

Healthy staff means healthy communities. Scheduling alerts protect agencies from scheduling liabilities and officer fatigue.

Strengthen Retention + Recruitment

Improve agency culture with important insights that drive effective wellness policies and initiatives.

Police Man

“InTime Wellness helped us identify potential situations where we're placing unnecessary burdens on our employees through scheduling.”

Jonathan Koch, Regional Peer Support Coordinator – Johnson County KS Sheriff

Identify fatigue trends with rich dashboards.

InTime’s wellness dashboards give you a view into the future, enabling corrective action before problems arise. Get visibility to identify where fatigue thresholds are being exceeded across the department, down to the very unit. Identify which areas of the agency are at risk and easily drill down into specific individuals and teams through rich reports.

Illustrated graph of InTime Wellness dashboard

Smart scheduling alerts to enable better deployment decisions

Supported by InTime Scheduling, set alerts based on fatigue thresholds. Ensure that no one on your team exceeds the maximum number of hours set by your policies.

Provide your officers with the wellness resources they need.

Wellness resources accessible by web or smartphone. Departments can populate InTime’s Wellness Library with valuable resources for their entire department. Access is anonymous, ensuring every officer feels comfortable seeking the support they need.

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Work Efficiently with InTime

Work Efficiently ​

Focus on what matters. Automated scheduling software for police, sheriff departments, fire, corrections and dispatch frees up time and resources.​

Spend Smarter with InTime

Spend Smarter

Make budgets go further. Smart scheduling gives you key scheduling insights to optimize spending on personnel and reduce unplanned overtime.

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Reduce Risk

Stay protected. Use scheduling intelligence to mitigate agency liability and get visibility into overtime allocation and fatigue issues.

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Engage Your Team

Communication is key. Keep your agency in the loop with automated schedule changes and approvals.

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