5 Reasons Your Scheduling Software Should Have a Mobile App

“Is there an app for that?” is a very common question these days. And most times, the answer is yes. Mobile apps are handy because you can access them straight from the palm of your hand while you’re on the go. You can check your email, book flights and hotels, order a car service, edit documents, and so much more just from your phone or tablet. It reduces the need to get in front of a computer screen and look things up. Mobile apps are also designed to be more intuitive and easier to use and navigate than desktop sites so it’s easier to find exactly what you need. Considering people spend an average of five hours a day on their phones, it only makes sense that your scheduling solution has a mobile app.

Here are five reasons why your scheduling system needs an app.

1. View Your Entire Schedule

No more logging on to your desktop to see what days you’re working and when you have vacations. Easily make plans around your work schedule. Have offsite training? You’ll be able to plan your commute accordingly.

2. Get Alerts

Was there a change to your shift start time? You won’t be surprised when you walk into the office since a scheduling app will send you an alert as soon as a supervisor makes a change. Ever been called into court only to find out it’s been cancelled? With a mobile app, you can get an instant alert when court has been trailed or cancelled.

3. New Available Postings

Traditionally, when new overtime shifts became available, you either had to be in the office to physically put your name down on a piece of paper or you had to find a computer to see if there was anything posted. With a mobile app, new postings can be sent as a push alert so you’re notified immediately if there’s an opening. Even better, you can sign up right on the spot. The days of missing out on overtime because you weren’t in the office are over.

4. Put In a Leave Request

Sick with the flu? You don’t have to stumble over to your computer or pick up the phone to call in sick. With mobile scheduling apps, you can send in a sick day request without having to leave the warmth and comfort of your bed. A good scheduling app will also let you see your vacation and sick day balances.

MyTime Mobile App Leave Requests

5. Punch In

Gone are the days of having to purchase time clocks or having an honor system when employees are offsite. Scheduling apps can use geo location to ensure employees are in the right spot when they punch in. A geo fence can be set up so you can be sure they’re in the right vicinity.

When you work in public safety, you’re often moving around and not always at a desk. That’s exactly why your schedule needs to be accessible from a mobile app. If you’re looking for scheduling software, this should be one of your requirements when evaluating different providers. Other factors to consider when looking at a mobile app:

  • Can employees view their entire schedule in real-time?
  • Does the app provide push alerts for schedule changes and new postings?
  • Are employees able to view their timebank balances and submit leave requests?
  • Is it available on both Android and IOS?

Most tasks can be completed straight from a smartphone or tablet, why should your scheduling be any different?


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