5 Top InTime Features According to Customers

Purchasing a modernized scheduling software can significantly improve your police agency’s day-to-day operations. Police scheduling software streamlines operations and allows police agencies to run their best department. 

Just like police departments, not all scheduling software is made the same. Police scheduling software varies in features, size, capabilities, and more. For these reasons, it’s important to do your research before purchasing any software, and if possible, demo multiple softwares so you can test different features. While some features on the market are nice to have, there are other features that are 100% necessary for running an efficient and streamlined police department.

From managing shifts to coordinating patrols and optimizing workforce distribution, police scheduling software offers a plethora of benefits that empower police agencies to operate at their peak performance.

Here are InTime’s top 5 software features, according to our customers.

Top InTime Product Feature: Police Scheduling

Police scheduling is InTime’s number one product feature. InTime’s Police Scheduling was made by police officers, for police officers. The scheduling feature is a favorite because it’s easily configurable to the unique needs of law enforcement agencies, which enables better scheduling visibility, improves oversight, and ensures 24/7 coverage. 

Using InTime’s police scheduling, your agency can track minimum staffing and get a clear visual of coverage health by team, unit, or department for better scheduling decisions. Scheduling changes are updated in real-time across all departments, which improves agency communications and keeps everyone in the loop. InTime’s smart scheduling offers scheduling intelligence that automatically alerts your administrators when a scheduling decision goes against agency or union rules. Using InTime’s police scheduling software, your agency can edit schedules in seconds, reduce risk with built-in alerts and always meet coverage requirements.

Another important component of InTIme’s scheduling is overtime management. Due to the current police shortage, many agencies are currently experiencing extremely low staffing levels, causing their officers to work an unprecedented amount of overtime. As an example, the Spokane Police Department’s overtime budget grew by over 50% in 2023, and it still wasn’t enough to cover overtime costs. Overtime budget expenditure has always been an issue for police departments, however now it’s becoming even more of a problem due to the police shortage. The increase in overtime hours has also made police overtime scheduling very challenging for agencies that are currently using a manual scheduling process.

InTime’s overtime management is a favorite feature amongst our customers because it’s automated, rule-based and guarantees adequate coverage, while ensuring fairness and equitability for every shift. Officers are automatically notified of available shifts, which enables those shifts to be filled in minutes. The automated scheduling system uses a rule-based process, configured by your agency during the implementation process, so all overtime scheduling is based on your agency’s rules.

Top 4 InTime Product Features

While InTime scheduling is the #1 police scheduling software feature, four other InTime features were top contenders for the first spot. Here are four of our customers’ favorite InTime features:

InTime Wellness

InTime Wellness is the most recent addition to InTime’s product features and quickly became a favorite feature for many reasons. InTime Wellness supports police mental health using scheduling data insights and allows police agencies to get ahead of police officer fatigue with a preventative fatigue monitoring tool. Automated scheduling alerts warn your department before making any decisions that put your police officers at risk.

In addition to police scheduling insights and alerts, InTime Wellness also features 24/7 access to an anonymous Wellness Resource Library. The Wellness Resource Library offers critical police mental health resources and is available to officers and staff via their smartphone or web browser.

InTime Reporting and Dashboards

Our customers love how easy it is to view reports and gain valuable insights. With InTime’s reporting and dashboards, your police agency can gain insights into overtime usage, personnel spend, training management, leave trends, and more. InTime’s 90+ configurable reports allow you to run your best department by giving you granular visibility into your agency operations.

InTime Scheduling Integrations

Imagine this: a police scheduling system that integrates with your payroll system. InTime’s police scheduling software has the capability to integrate with your payroll system and other external software systems. This all-in-one workforce management allows your agency to transfer data to many of the most common payroll systems including Peoplesoft, Munis, Eden, Tyler, ADP and more. 

Many InTime customers use InTime’s timekeeping module, which automatically integrates with their payroll system. This integration ensures that every officer is always paid on time and payroll is done in an hour, rather than a week.

InTime’s Customer Service

Last, but certainly not least, is InTime’s customer service. InTime staff is full of ex-cops or retired officers who know what it’s like to work in law enforcement. Moreover, many of our ex-law enforcement staff members actually used to be InTime customers. Customers enjoy working with InTime staff members because they know our mission is to make police operations safer and easier—and we know what we’re doing.

In addition to a strong implementation process and gold-standard customer service, becoming an InTime customer gives your agency access to a network of other police agencies and public service professionals. InTime hosts its annual InTime University, a global conference that brings industry leaders together for a training and professional development experience geared towards helping InTime customers leverage the full potential of InTime. InTime University provides robust product training, access to a live customer success team, valuable keynote sessions from industry thought leaders, and the opportunity to network with other public safety professionals.

The bottom line

These five features make InTime the #1 police scheduling software on the market today. Book a call with one of our product specialists today to learn more about InTime and how these features can help you run your best police department.

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