Ask Customer Success: System Administrator Changes in 3.4

The upgrade to 3.4 entails a change to the System Administrator role. When InTime upgraded to System Administrators, they were given certain access that other schedulers couldn’t access- like the root branch. This led system administrators to share their passwords with other schedulers so they could make changes. However, the History audit would only show changes made by the administrator even though multiple people had access to the account. Now System Administrators have limited capabilities but Administrators can now access the root branch to make changes. Read more below on the changes in this upgrade.

One of the main changes involves the username, which has been changed from ‘admin’ to ‘intimeadmin’. This is to accommodate systems using LDAP or SAML. Note, this change only applies to the System Administrator.

System Administrator Log In in InTime

Importantly, the System Administrator role is strictly for managing user roles, administrators, and system settings. When the System Administrator logs in post upgrade, they will only have access to the following areas:

System Administrator Access in InTime

This change now allows for Administrator users to have access to the root branch – a feature that was taken away in version 3.0 but is now available.

Additionally, System Administrators can now use Two-Step Authentication when logging in for added security. This can be enabled in User Setup by checking off Two Step Authentication for the System Administrator account:

If you have any questions about this change, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Customer Success team!

Sara Dyer

Customer Success Specialist

Sara works closely with our customers everyday to ensure they are getting the most out of InTime. With over 5 years of experience in customer service, her mission to provide value to our customers and make sure their voices are being heard!

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