Ask Success: Daylight Savings

Spring is on the way and you may be wondering how to handle daylight savings time in InTime.

Depending on your agencies rules you can choose to ignore the hours change or adjust them manually. When daylight Savings begins on March 11th 2018, the hour between 0200 & 0300 are lost. Meaning any shifts that cross this time period will be an hour less than usual. This is the same with leave. For example, if someone takes a leave crossing 0200-0300 their timebank will only deduct 7 hours rather than 8. Depending on agencies rules, you can either ignore this one time loss of an hour or extend the leave/shift by one hour.

How do you want to handle it?

Add the extra hour in manually: ‘R. Anderson’ works a 10 hour Graves shift but only 9 hours is displaying for their total hours as the hours. If they get the extra hour you can adjust manually by changing the ‘Scheduled Hours’ total

Daylight Savings in InTime

If you do this, add a note on the shift reminding you that this is a Daylight Savings Shift so the hours may appear different.

If you need to manually add a debit into a Leave bank if these hours occur on a Leave, you can do this under the employees Time Bank:Daylight Savings in InTime

If you ignore the one hour lost for all scenarios just leave everything as is. When Daylight savings ends, the extra hour is added back automatically!

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