Best Places to Buy Police Gear

Police officers have some of the most demanding jobs in the public safety industry. Because of the nature of their job, police officers have to be prepared with the right gear for a variety of situations in order to protect both themselves and the general public. The day in the life of a police officer can change quickly, and having the right gear is critical for a variety of different duties. 

Tactical police gear is clothing and equipment that is specifically designed for police officers. This can include boots, holsters, bags, uniforms, and more. Because tactical gear is essential for every police department, we’ve rounded up the best places to buy police gear so your officers can always be prepared and protected. 

Here are the best places to buy police gear:

La Police Gear

LA Police Gear is a one-stop-shop for all things police and military. It was founded over twenty years ago by Los Angeles area police officers who wanted to bring great deals to law enforcement officers.

LA Police Gear has all the gear an officer could need. Some of the tactical gear includes:

    • Pants
    • Shirts
    • Gloves
    • Boots
    • Flashlights
    • and more

LA Police Gear also sells uniforms for certain police departments, security guard companies and highway patrol.

The Duty Gear section has almost every piece required for a police officer or sheriff’s uniform. In the Duty Gear section, officers can find body armor, duty accessories, personal protection, K9/dog gear, and more. LA Gear offers free shipping on all orders over $100.

Tactical Gear

Tactical Gear is a superstore that serves law enforcement and the public safety community. They offer a full-year return policy and price matching. Similar to the other law enforcement outfitters on this list, they sell uniforms, regular clothing, equipment, and footwear for police officers.

Given their name, they also sell a wide range of tactical gear, which includes:

  • Batons
  • Holsters
  • Handcuffs
  • Bags
  • and more

In addition to regular gear, Tactical Gear also services law enforcement departments directly so their police officers can get the best gear at the lowest price. They service local agencies, federal agencies, military agencies and commercial agencies.


CopsPlus is another one-stop-shop for law enforcement clothing and police gear. It only services police officers and law enforcement agents, but it offers a wide variety of gear along with price matching for every product. 

On CopsPlus, you can find:

  • Holsters
  • Belts
  • Duty gear
  • Police badges
  • Restraints
  • Apparel
  • and more

Unlike the other retailers on this list, CopsPlus doesn’t service entire police departments directly. It mainly focuses on gear, and particularly holsters. CopsPlus also sells investigative items, such as drug identification, accessories for evidence gathering, and fingerprint identicators. 


Galls is one of the most popular places to buy police gear. In addition to police gear, Galls also services the needs of military, fire, security, EMS, postal, public transportation and more.

Galls offers an extensive selection of products and brands at competitive prices. Most products will ship same-day, and Galls’ service is fast and efficient. Galls’ prides itself on never selling an item that is out of stock.

Galls sells almost every piece of equipment and gear a police officer could need, including:

  • Custom badges
  • Body armor
  • Vehicle warning lights
  • Riot gear
  • Traffic safety control
  • and more

In addition to gear, Galls also provides uniforms for every public safety industry they service.

Amazon - Police Gear

Last on our list is the biggest online retailer worldwide: Amazon. We chose Amazon because not only is it one of the most reliable online retailers, but since their marketplace allows many different sellers to compete, prices are driven way down.

Amazon sells almost every piece of police gear an officer could need, aside from a uniform. On Amazon, you can find patrol bags, handcuffs, tactical boots, medical supplies, tactical belts and more. Moreover, Amazon actually sells many of the in-house brands on this list. By that we mean, you can buy LA Police Gear in-house items on Amazon at the lowest possible price.

Amazon is a great place to buy police gear if you’re looking for a wide selection of gear from a reliable online marketplace with fast shipping.

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