InTime University 2023: Highlights

InTime was thrilled to host the 5th annual user conference, InTime University, this year from September 25th to September 28th. Hosted in New Orleans, InTime University 2023 focused on public safety leadership, agency optimization, and staff wellness. 

Every year, InTime University (InTime U), brings industry leaders together for a training and professional development experience geared towards helping InTime customers leverage the full potential of InTime. InTime University provides robust product training, access to a live customer success team, valuable keynote sessions from industry thought leaders, and the opportunity to network with other public safety professionals. 

Here are some highlights from this year’s InTime University:

Networking at InTime University

At InTime U, InTime users network and share how their agency uses our software. Our annual conference allows users to connect and share how InTime solves specific problems at their agency.

InTime University Networking Photo

InTime University Networking Photo #2

Creative use cases

Public safety agencies use InTime for multiple reasons. These reasons include the prevention of manual scheduling errors, reduction of time spent on scheduling, reduction of agency risk and liability, overtime management, reduction of perceived favoritism through scheduling, and more. 

Through networking and sharing different use cases, our clients are able to learn different ways to use InTime. At this year’s InTime U, our team learned that many agencies are using InTime to solve specific problems, some of which don’t include scheduling. An example of this was using InTime’s time bank feature to measure clothing allowance for officers.

InTime U is a great way for users to collaborate and share use cases for how InTime solves both common and rare problems at public safety agencies across the nation.

InTime University Creative Use Cases Image

InTime University Creative Use Cases Image

Keynote speakers and thought leadership sessions

We had the pleasure of hosting two keynote speakers at this year’s InTime U. Chief Neil H. Gang from Pinole Police Department and John Bostain from Command Presence Training joined us to share their insights and expertise on the role of leadership in strengthening organizational wellness. Other topics discussed included how to cultivate a positive culture to improve recruitment and retention, officer wellness, and employee engagement.  

In addition to our keynote speakers, we also hosted thought leadership sessions, covering multiple topics and common problems that agencies face. These topics included:

  • The Infusion of Leadership and Organizational Wellness
  • Handling Critical Incidents with an Emphasis on Mental Wellness
  • Secrets of Conflict Resolution
  • Managing Special Events
  • Taking InTime City-Wide

Neil H. Gang Keynote Photo

John Bostain Keynote Photo

InTime University product training sessions

In addition to bringing our users together to network and learn from each other, one of the main goals of InTime University is to help our users extract the most value out of InTime.  InTime U hosts multiple product training sessions where users can learn how to solve problems at their agency using InTime. 

Each InTime U product session was labeled with an aspect of InTime that addresses agency goals. The four key ways that InTime empowers you to Run Your Best Agency are by helping you:

#1) Work Efficiently 

#2) Spend Smarter

#3) Reduce Risk

#4) Engage Your Team

Each product training session showcased information and live demos on specific InTime features and modules. By attending the product training sessions, InTime Users had the great opportunity to explore how InTime could be maximized to support their agency.

Product session photo

Product session photo

What InTime users enjoyed the most about InTime U

Similar to past years, our feedback from InTime users who attended this year’s InTime University stressed how invaluable it was to collaborate, network, and share how each agency uses InTime. The in-depth product sessions allow agencies to use InTime to its fullest potential, and solve problems that they didn’t even know existed. 

Our goal with InTime University is to build community within our users. We want every agency to know how to use InTime to its fullest potential, while also creating a network within our users. Chances are, agencies aren’t alone in the problems they face. Whether it’s issues in recruitment and retention, implementation of buy-in, change management, scheduling issues, or overtime expenditures, InTime U provides users with a space to collaborate and share how their agencies are either struggling with these problems or solving them using InTime. 

Thank you to every agency who joined us for this year’s InTime U. Keep your eyes peeled for InTime University 2024!

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