Top 5 Police Wellness Resources

Police officer wellness should be a top priority for every police department. Over time, working in high-stress environments with demanding hours can result in a variety of physical and mental health issues for police officers. The nature of law enforcement is physically, emotionally and mentally draining, and police departments need to ensure they have the right support system in place to support their officers and their families.

Our team made a list of the top five police wellness resources, so every police department has the information they need to invest in the well-being of their officers.

Here are the top five police wellness resources that agencies nationwide can use to support their police officers.

Top 5 Police Wellness Resources

InTime Wellness is the #1 wellness and police mental health resource for police and law enforcement. The wellness solution addresses officer wellness through a data-driven approach by using comprehensive scheduling data problem areas related to officer fatigue. Using InTime’s wellness monitoring, police agencies can reduce fatigue-related liabilities, optimize staff scheduling and proactively gain insight into potential wellness-related issues in their departments. 

In addition to proactive scheduling alerts, InTime Wellness also features a robust wellness resource library. Wellness resources are configured for every agency, so agencies can easily adapt the library as the needs of their officers change. 

InTime Wellness features for police officers:

  • 24/7 access to critical mental health resources
  • Proactive wellness insights
  • Smart scheduling alerts
  • Anonymous access to wellness resources
  • Bird’s-eye-view into potential wellness issues
  • Training level alerts to guarantee proper qualifications 

InTime is the first workforce management system to integrate wellness resources into its scheduling system. By using InTime Wellness, police agencies across the nation can proactively prevent potential wellness issues from becoming problems. Data monitoring dashboards give your organization insight into potential wellness issues related to your department. These insights will drive effective wellness policies and initiatives and will help your organization improve agency culture.


CordicoShield is a wellness app built for law enforcement. Cordico is a leader in wellness technology for high-stress professions, such as fire and rescue, law enforcement, 911 dispatch and corrections and probation. CordicoShield serves hundreds of public safety organizations by providing them with access to important mental health information and resources, so first responders can take care of both themselves and others. 

Wellness features:

  • On-demand access to officer wellness tools
  • Confidential access
  • Anonymous self-assessments
  • Wellness resources for officers and their family members

InTime’s favorite wellness feature:

We added CordicoShield to our list because of the extension of wellness offerings to family members. Police officers often face traumatic experiences while on duty, and in many cases, they share their traumatic experiences with their support system at home. It’s important for family members to have resources available to support their loved ones, and have on-demand resources should they need any support themselves.


PowerLine is a wellness solution designed specifically for law enforcement. The wellness app offers confidential, 24/7 access to wellness resources for every rank in your agency. These resources include access to a nationwide network of volunteer peers, a library complete with wellness resources and dynamic group sessions.

Wellness features:

  • Confidential group settings with peer volunteers nationwide
  • User browsing data immediately deleted after access
  • In-app access to existing wellness resources
  • 24/7 access to a cutting-edge content library

InTime’s favorite wellness feature:

We added PowerLine to our list of top police wellness resources because of the app’s large peer volunteer network. It’s important for police officers to have a safe space where they can connect with people who can relate to their experiences.


PeerConnect is a custom mobile app that gives every member of your organization access to wellness tools, peer support, police mental health programming, self-assessment and resources. PeerConnect was created with the hope of reducing barriers to resources and mental health-related stigma. PeerConnect caters to high-stress sectors, such as law enforcement, fire and rescue, paramedics, corrections and medical professionals.

Wellness features:

  • Proactive peer support
  • Real-time communication and engagement reports
  • Self-assessments
  • Wellness resources – PTSD/PTSI, depression, substance abuse, harm reduction and prevention

InTime’s favorite wellness feature:

Our team’s favorite feature is the proactive peer support available via the app’s newsfeed and support groups.

Lighthouse Health and Wellness

Lighthouse Health and Wellness is an on-demand, 100% confidential wellness platform available at no cost to American law enforcement agencies. Its mission is to ensure every public safety agency nationwide can provide access to confidential health and wellness resources to first responders and their families. 

Wellness features: 

  • Addiction awareness tools
  • Self-assessment
  • Police mental health and wellness initiatives
  • Option for agencies to add custom resources

InTime’s favorite wellness feature:

One of our favorite features of the Lighthouse Health and Wellness app is the substance abuse and addiction resources. It’s important to create an open dialogue around substance abuse and addiction issues in public safety industries.

The bottom line

Every police department should be investing in wellness resources for their officers. To learn more about mental health tips for police officers, read this blog and reach out to our team for more information on InTime Wellness. 

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