Why Police Agencies Use InTime

If your police agency isn’t already using police scheduling software, you should consider making the change soon.

With all of law enforcement’s complex scheduling needs, using a manual scheduling process can prove to be inefficient, ineffective, and prone to human error. Using automated scheduling software brings several benefits that contribute to the overall efficiency, effectiveness, and responsiveness of police agencies. 

Here’s a short video on why police agencies use InTime:

How police scheduling software can benefit your police agency

Police agencies of every size use police scheduling software to streamline agency operations and reduce risk and liability. Here’s how police scheduling software can help your agency:

1. Police scheduling software enables real-time schedule changes

As you know, police agencies are often faced with unpredictable situations. Automated scheduling allows for quick adjustments in response to emergencies, unforeseen events, or sudden changes in staffing.

2. Police scheduling software reduces the likelihood of human error and improves agency communication

Automation reduces the chances of manual errors in scheduling, which can be critical in public safety scenarios where precise coordination and timing are essential. Police scheduling software often includes communication features, enabling efficient dissemination of information about schedules, changes, and important updates to the entire department.

3. Police scheduling software enhances compliance, reduces risk and increases cost efficiency

Automated scheduling helps in ensuring that workforce schedules comply with labor laws, union agreements, and other regulatory requirements. This is crucial for maintaining legal standards and avoiding penalties. By optimizing schedules, automated software can help in minimizing overtime costs, ensuring that resources are used efficiently without unnecessary expenses.

Police scheduling software also reduces agency risk by using scheduling insights for day-to-day scheduling decisions. Fatigue has become a huge risk in law enforcement operations, and scheduling software helps mitigate that risk with fatigue alerts and data-driven scheduling decisions.

Why police agencies use InTime’s police scheduling software

When it comes to InTime, police agencies across the nation use InTime for multiple reasons. Our team is able to sit down with many police agencies at our annual conference, InTime University, where we learn first-hand the ways in which InTime benefits police agencies. Here are some key benefits that stand out:

1. InTime builds solutions to make the platform better, so they can make police leaders’ jobs easier

InTime was built by police officers, for police officers. This means that every software feature was added with a solution mindset. By looking at the key challenges and complexities of law enforcement scheduling, InTime’s platform targets each challenge and complexity to improve day-to-day police operations.

InTime provides police agencies with a solution to specific pain points. For example, a key challenge in today’s world of law enforcement is risk and liability. Due to the police shortage, officers are working long hours, putting them at risk of fatigue and fatigue-related incidents. Its close to impossible to flag fatigue-related risk with manual scheduling systems. Moreover, some automated scheduling platforms don’t calculate accumulated weekly hours but instead reset each work week. This means that if an officer worked 18 hours on the weekend, come Monday the schedule shows them back to zero hours.

InTime, however, helps police agencies reduce risk because the software sees that officer just worked 18 hours back-to-back. We work as a partner to reduce risk and help police agencies with their scheduling.

2. InTime has gold-standard customer service

Unlike other scheduling platforms out there, InTime is owned by InTime. Police agencies use InTime because they know our mission is to make police operations easier and safer. InTime listens carefully to customer feedback and innovates accordingly. Moreover, InTime is easy to use, and our implementation specialists are dedicated to helping your agency use InTime to its full capabilities.

3. InTime’s police scheduling software reduces risk

To put it simply, police agencies use InTime to reduce risk. Nobody wants to get fired, and InTime allows police agencies to function to their full potential—without risk of favoritism, bias, fatigue-related incidents, etc. Lawsuits and liabilities cost money, and in today’s political climate, the last thing your agency needs is unwanted attention.

The bottom line

With data-driven scheduling insights, fatigue alerts, overtime management, timekeeping solutions, multiple integrations, and more, InTime is the #1 police scheduling solution for agencies that want to reduce risk and run their operations smoothly.

Over 500+ police agencies in North America use InTime. By offering police agencies a complete package of solutions, InTime improves agency operations so law enforcement leaders can run their agencies better.

You can learn more about why police agencies use InTime here.

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