Webinar – Addressing the Challenges of an Aging Prison Population

US prisons are, in many respects, a microcosm of society. In 2030, the last baby boomer will turn 65 and one in 5 Americans will be older than 65. The aging population is also represented within our nation’s prison system. The number of prisoners age 50 or older experienced a 330% increase from 1994 – 2011, and that figure is expected to continue increasing.

Compared to their counterparts in the community, older prisoners have greater incidences of illness, disease, disability, and mental health diagnoses. Therefore, they consume a significant percentage of the annual budget.

This webinar will discuss how the recent passage of the First Step Act (aka – criminal justice reform) can address aging prisoner populations who are no longer deemed by prison and paroling authorities to pose a public safety risk. The webinar will also explain why it is important for the states to enact similar laws as the federal bill to save billions in taxpayer dollars and reduce an already overcrowded prison system.

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About Our Presenter

Dr. Michael Pittaro

PhD in Criminal Justice & Associate Professor of Criminal Justice

Michael Pittaro, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor of Criminal Justice within American Military University’s School of Security and Global Studies.  Before pursuing a career in higher education, Dr. Pittaro worked in corrections administration; has served as the Executive Director of a substance abuse facility and as Executive Director of a crime prevention agency.

Dr. Pittaro has published and presented internationally and continues to be an active contributor to Psychology TodayIn Public Safety, and CorrectionsOne. Dr. Pittaro holds a BS in Criminal Justice (Who’s Who Among University Students – 1989); an MPA in Public Administration (Summa Cum Laude); and a Ph.D. in criminal justice (4.0 GPA – Summa Cum Laude).

He resides in Nazareth, Pennsylvania with his two sons (Dakota and Darrian).

Michael Pittaro

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