Webinar – Controlling Crime Through the Media & Public Relations

Law enforcement and justice agencies get to tell their story through proactive media and public relations. We decide how our story is told. We are no longer dependent on the media. This is revolutionary!

This 60 minute webinar is designed to provide an overview of proactive public and media relations including examples of what law enforcement agencies are doing, strategies, implementation on a limited budget, and an overview of what we can and cannot do. The idea is to stir creative juices and give command staff an idea as to what’s possible.

It’s clear that proactive communications allows you direct access to citizens. A flow of information protects the reputation of the agency, favorably influences media and the public, helps you solve cases, and gives you a platform to communicate during emergencies.

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About Our Presenter

Leonard Sipes Jr.

Ret. Federal Senior Public Affairs Specialist & Social Media Manager

Leonard Sipes is a retired Senior Public Affairs Specialist and Social Media Manager for a Federal government agency in Washington, D.C. He has a total of 35 years of award-winning media relations, public relations, and social media experience. As well, 25 years of award-winning television and radio hosting and producing.

Leonard Sipes has a post-Masters graduate degree from Johns Hopkins University, is a part-time Associate Professor, and a published author of the incredibly successful book, “Success with the Media.” His extensive knowledge and background allows him to offer insights into media relations that are incredibly valuable and unique . You can find out more about Leonard Sipes on his personal website, or check out his professional website, “Crime in America.”

Leonard Sipes Jr

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