Webinar – Police Morale: How to Build It and Maintain It

Police morale starts with you!  Poor employee morale is a serious problem facing law enforcement. If not confronted and corrected, low morale threatens the effectiveness of a police agency, and the emotional and physical well being of those who protect and serve.  For most cops today, low morale has less to do with what they see and experience on the street than the impact of current politics, policies, and practices inside the department. 

In this 60 minute webinar we will examine the impact of low morale, the foundations of improved morale, and 5 steps you can implement today to build and sustain morale.

Watch the Webinar

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About Our Presenters


Officer Mike Wasilewski, LCSW and Counselor Althea Olson, LCSW

Husband and wife team, Mike and Althea, are the co-founders of MoreThanACop. MoreThanACop is dedicated to providing professional training by experienced psychotherapists for law enforcement officers and mental health professionals. Recently, the pair traveled throughout the U.S.A. presenting on Police Morale on a tour titled, “Police Morale for Supervisors; It Is Your Problem.” 


Mike Wasilewski, LCSW, has been a police officer for a large suburban police department outside of Chicago for more than 22 years, and is a psychotherapist at Fox Bend Counseling in Oswego, Illinois.

Althea Olson, LCSW,  is a psychotherapist in private practice for over 25 years specializing in treatment for depression, PTSD, anxiety, bipolar, and couples counseling. Mike and Althea are professional trainers, published authors and speakers that work specifically in the field of law enforcement & mental health. 


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